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Manually upgrade to 2.0.6 from 2.0.5

Started by _marco_, November 02, 2013, 11:08:44 AM

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I have try to upgrade manually my forum.
But I received this error:

It is not safe to rely on the system's timezone settings. Please use the date.timezone setting, the TZ environment variable or the date_default_timezone_set() function. In case you used any of those methods and you are still getting this warning, you most likely misspelled the timezone identifier. We selected 'America/Chicago' for 'CDT/-5.0/DST' instead in /home2/mad/public_html/c4dgames/Sources/QueryString.php on line 466

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ELSEIF in /home2/mad/public_html/c4dgames/Sources/QueryString.php on line 466

How can I resolve it?

Thank you



Why are you updating manually? Did you have issues with the package manager?

Best thing is to attach the mentioned file..
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"Unexpected T_ELSEIF" means PHP found the end of an "elseif" block before it was expecting to. This likely means you're missing a } somewhere, but if you attach that file, we can help you fix the issue.
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Thank you for your fast reply.

I have upgrade manually because I can't upgrade by admin panel.

I have changed QueryString.php one more time and now everything work properly.

Thank you again for your help.