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[SMF 2.0.13] WYSIWYG Editor Not Working

Started by mythus, March 07, 2017, 10:15:33 AM

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I am in the middle of setting up SMF with TinyPortal as the future home of my site which is running on Joomla + Kunena. One of the requests I had from my members was for a WYSIWYG editor as they are not technically inclined and such an editor is easier for them. I was pleased when I first stalled SMF and tested out its editor to see that it worked and was WYSIWYG.

Last night I decided to test to see what some of the mods I installed did with the editor - these were BBCode mods. While they worked well with the traditional BBCode interface, when I tried to type in the WYSIWYG interface, I found that I couldn't. I couldn't put my cursor in the screen, I couldn't type any letters, and pressing space sent me down the screen. The WYSIWYG editor stayed white, laughing at me as I vainly tried to get it to work again.

I have went through the usual gambit - uninstalling mods one by one and retesting, switching back to the curve default theme and retesting, all to no avail and all in vain as the WYSIWYG still refuses to accept any input.

Is my dreams for answering my members need and desire for a WYSIWYG editor dead? Or is there some way this can be resolved. Please help, and thanks in advance for any and all help in this matter.


Unfortunately the current WYSIWYG editor is quite buggy and is being replaced in version 2.1 ...
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If you're in a real hurry and if you can miss some money then there is an alternative: https://www.smfpacks.com/wysiwyg/.
Otherwise from that, if you can wait SMF 2.1 is the go.
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I see. I'm not sure yet if my wife would shoot me for spending yet more money on my site lol. But I'll take a look at that mod. I understand that as far as WYSIWYG editors, 2.1 is the answer. I can't wait on version 2.1 to do my site because who knows when 2.1 will be out and compatible with everything I need for a successful upgrade or migration. SMF has a well established history of not rushing a release which is quite commendable and version 2.1 has been in development for a good while, so waiting on that for moving over my site is just not feasible. However, if I can't get a working WYSIWYG editor for my members I guess we could wait on 2.1 to have that working and they will just have to use the standard editor until then. It is not like they can't, Kunena doesn't have a WYSIWYG editor after all.

Thanks though for your replies. I'll mark this topic solved. It doesn't fix my problem, but it is an answer.