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Themes wont install properly.

Started by phatuis, October 07, 2009, 01:44:04 AM

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Whenever I go to install a theme, it never works, it sais it installs, I select it, but it shows all the links in a column, no styling whatsoever. I checked the images path multiple timex, reinstalled multiple times, and it still doesnt work.


How you are installing themes and what is you SMF version  ?

Joey Smith™

Are you certain the themes you are installing are for your version of smf? You can not use 1.1.x themes in a 2.0 version.


I am completely sure I am downloading the right version, I am using OverviewLight for 2.0, on SMF 2.0 RC1.2, which is the version of the theme. I have installed them different ways, using the ZIP and making the folder and placing files int it.


Joey Smith™

Can you please link to the exact theme you are trying to install so that I can run a test install. It might also help if you can upload a What is phpinfo.php? file and link to it.

Joey Smith™

Try switching to the default theme before you do the install and install from a file.

If you like you can create me a temp admin account and I can try to look into this further.