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Daily Post Limit Reached Error SMF v2.0.9

Started by ezman604, April 08, 2015, 03:20:26 PM

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We have one member group (with 0-100 posts total) that are now receiving the message that their daily limit of posts has been exceeded. And most have not posted at all.
I have gone back into the Modifications Settings and Limit Posts. I have reset it to 0 and saved, reset it to 0 and highlighted all user groups and saved and also set a number back and highlighted all groups with the exception of the one I want to apply this setting to and saved. I am STILL getting members in this group that cannot post at all much less reach the limit. I have logged on with my alternate user account that falls into this group (not admin) and was able to post. It doesn't seem to affect ALL members assigned to this group.
Any ideas how to fix this?
Thanks AOT!!!


That's a mod in place which is clearly not working properly.
To be honest, that mod makes no sense: why would you want to limit the amount of posts a user can do per day?!
Just uninstall the "thing" ;)
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It's simply one of those things you have to do this to accomplish that. :)
We have a classified area on our forum. To help protect our membership (although a small way) we set some requirements before you are allowed to post in there. We have a requirement of being a member of our forum at least 30 days and have a post count of at least 20. This helps thwart hit and run sellers. Some have found a way around the 20 post count by using C&P to post a message in the Welcome New Members area enough times to get past the requirement.
I need THIS option to control the spamming.
Thanks...solution found.
Mod gives great control over this that the base software did not.


no no no, and a thousand times no.

that is not how you stop spammers.
You stop spammers at registration time -- before they can register and thus, before they can post.

You do not penalize and limit GOOD users from posting. That is a sure way to drive your active users away.

And, if you need to limit access to a group -- then make it a requestable or assignable group rather than an auto-assigned group - that way if some real user is posting bs messages just to get the post count up, you ignore their request to join the group.

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