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January 21, 2022, 08:01:30 AM


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[Split Topic] Re: How can I edit the main menu buttons?

Started by GirlinGray, December 22, 2018, 03:31:47 PM

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I used the mod Menu Editor Lite 1.0.5 to create a new forum menu. It's a text links menu, not icons, but it's worked pretty well for me and works linking the main site to its forum page.

(There were some complications when I updated the forum to 2.0.15 -- Menu Editor Lite didn't care too much for working with Curve and my old theme and 2.0.15 didn't like each other and dismantled a login feature (oops), but I may have messed up removing and reinstalling Menu Editor Lite and I just went back into the older theme to update and recreate a menu and that worked, then flipped over to Curve again to get the login features all working again and it's fine and a lot easier than recoding the php.)

I can post a link to the forum so you can see the menu in action -- but I'm unsure whether it's cool to post a site link here?

That Adams Girl


Sounds like you should ask in the dedicated thread to the Menu Editor Lite mod (where the author can see it)... and yes, posting a link is cool.
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Thanks. It's okay. It was a mad scramble moving the forum in a hurry last month, when there's time I can go back and figure out what went down there.

Figured I'd put the mod info up here because it's not always easy to find a solution to buildinig a new forum menu and Menu Editor Lite is the one mod I've found and used I know works building a new menu in smf and it might be helpful in this topic for people looking to do that?

To see it in action, it's up in the forum at https://academyoffilmwriting.com/forum

That Adams Girl