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every edit on 2.0.8 error

Started by phishinfool, August 09, 2014, 03:42:21 PM

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i get this error every time i try to edit template,

want to remove smf logo and change a few other items in the templates.

Anything i do even if only to edit a board function i get this error in the image


can we no longer edit right in the forums?
Do i have to use FTP to edit the templates?
Its easier to do it right in the forum program as i am used to it with washingtonfishingfools website


That would appear to be your host limiting you.

In any case using FTP means you get a backup of editing and you get to use a far superior editing to help with code issues.


just guess i download each file and use dreamweaver.
Its just easier for me to see instant edits with using the forum itself after hitting save.


Strongly discourse Dreamweaver. It invariably damages files. Something like Notepad++ would be far more appropriate.

The thing about 'instant edits' is that the chance of messing something up is surprising.


im actually finding godaddy has its own edit in the cpanel.
Seems to work nice.


It will damage at least two files in SMF if you use it. At least standard cPanel's editor has stopped doing that (finally)

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Check many topics around here, you will find lots of them talking about GoDaddy that has changed who-knows-what in their configuration and that most of SMF users hosted by GD are experiencing bad troubles with them. I would highly suggest you to get in touch with their support team (bug them until you find a nice guy from their so called level 3 support, it seems that they can fix the issues even if they never tell you what they do).

Quick footnote: they know (at GD) that SMF is having troubles on their servers and they claim that they contacted Simple Machines to fix this but in fact they didn't even reply to SF's emails, it was stated by Simple Machines' Project Manager himself (Kindred). This said, I will let Interrobang to help you, he knows way better than anyone else around here IMHO...
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