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BBC Magnet Link

Started by dodos26, May 08, 2022, 02:27:36 PM

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Link to the mod

BBC magnet link

Thanks for installing BBC Magnet Link!
Mod create by Dominik.

Version 1.0.2 for SMF 2.0.* & 2.1.*

This mod is hooks only.
With this mod you will get bbc for magnet links, making it possible for users to open them.
That's not all, because the modification will read the name of the torrent and display it instead of the link and in front of the name, he will add a nice information icon.
That's not all, because the modification will connect to trackers to get torrent data from them and then display the number of leech seeds and download next to the name.

The modification scans all trackers one by one, until it receives information from one of them or the list is over. Remember to set up good and proven trackers above. Prioritize http (s) trackers at the top of the list.
Also note that many service providers will not let you connect using the udp protocol. You will need to ask your service provider to allow it or run your own web server.

Work on 2.0.* perfect! Work also on 2.1.* perfect!