SMF v2.0.7 tar archive includes SSI.php v2.0.4!

Started by archfrog, March 22, 2014, 02:02:17 AM

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The zip archive, on the other hand, does include SSI.php v2.0.7.  I downloaded the tar archive first and then checked the zip archive and found the difference.  Seems like you need to automate the creation of the distribution archives  ;D


The version numbers aren't updated unless there is an actual change in that file for the patch/update. So in other words SSI.php hasn't had any code updates since 2.0.4, therefore 2.0.4 is technically the latest version of the file, even if the latest SMF version is 2.0.7.
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Actually not... There are in fact issues with the tar.gz package :(
We are working on it
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