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Unable to load the main template

Started by sektor, February 08, 2007, 08:06:45 AM

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I had the same exact problem, thanks for the fix :) For me it worked fine until 1.1.7 as well, but this one line of changed code fixed it.



I had this error until this moment in "Layout and options" (in the admin panel), and I fixed replacing this line in smf.php (the Orstio solution)

$nqsefurl = substr($nonsefurl, 0, strpos($nonsefurl, 'option')) . preg_replace('/(\;)([^=#]*)([#"])/', '$1$2=$2$3', substr($nonsefurl, strpos($nonsefurl, 'option'), strlen($nonsefurl)));


$nqsefurl = substr($nonsefurl, 0, strpos($nonsefurl, 'option')) . preg_replace('/(\;)([^=#]*)([\;#"])/', '$1$2=$2$3', substr($nonsefurl, strpos($nonsefurl, 'option'), strlen($nonsefurl)));

The com_smf version is 1.1.7, I updated it today and this code line isn't fixed.


Where is this SMF.PHP file located, and where is this bridge.smf.php file located?  I can't find these files to edit the lines...


in the component directory of mambo
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