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Multiple Poll Questions

Started by Mike Bobbitt, June 01, 2004, 01:47:23 PM

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Mike Bobbitt

Polls are cool, but it would be handy to be able to ask multuple questions in a single poll. It's a feature of UBB that I miss...


That's already built in to SMF... When you start a poll, you can specify how many options users can vote for.
Michael Eshom
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Read what he said again, Oldiesmann.


Mike Bobbitt

That's fine, that'll allow me to say something like:

What cars have you owned:

But it won't let me add another question:

What colour cars have you owned:

Wich is really what I'd like...


Sorry... I misread it... So you want to have multiple polls in one topic?
Michael Eshom
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Mike Bobbitt

Yeah, that's one way to put it... I consider it having multiple questions in one poll, but it amounts to the same thing. :)


That probably wouldn't be too hard to do.
Michael Eshom
Cincy Space - now open!

Mike Bobbitt


that would be a great option i know my members would use.


I would dearly love to add this one day - but it's a massive change to make due to the way SMF handles polls. I post a lot on a UBB classic board and that's one thing I really did like - but the way SMF shows poll (at the top of a topic) is a bit impractical for a multi-question poll IMHO. It may happen one day but it will be a day much, much further in the future if it does :P
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Mike Bobbitt

Sounds good. I don't expect every request I make to get instant attention, but I'm glad they're considered. :)



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Lucky me I searched (before getting flamed for double post)

I was gone post exact same request.

One Poll, multiply questions

e.g. Website Survey.

Q1. What Screen Resolution do you use?
640 x 480

Q2. Which Internet Browser Do You Use?

Q3. How do you connect to the Internet?

Don Diego

I just wanted to say that I would REALLY like to see a mod or upgrade so that surveys can be added. One idea that I'm going to try is to Make a separate category for the Survey and have childboards as the questions for the survey, by way of polls.  Not the best, but I'm hoping it works.

El Zorro,
<wannabe php'er>


I'll throw my request into the hat too. This would be a very handy feature.

Only thing I'd like to add is an option to hide the results so only the original poster can see the results.

This would be a very handy mod.


Looking forward to this mod too. My members are itching for a survey/ multiple poll questions feature in the forum...


this mod will rock.  i too need it.

permissions to be there for who can vote

Aleksi "Lex" Kilpinen

Quote from: santanu on February 22, 2008, 01:35:15 AM
permissions to be there for who can vote
Permissions for voting do exist already. :)
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Has this ever been given into consideration?
I've been searching for days now and cannot find anything that would let us run a survey type of a poll on the forum.
Anybody ?


Take a peek at what I'm doing! ;D

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Is there any mod for multiply polls compatible with version 2.0.4?