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HELP NEEDED Site not available

Started by Angelotus, August 11, 2008, 08:09:09 AM

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Quote from: Jade on August 17, 2008, 02:20:29 PM
If he can, it's at work :(

Problem is solved ? Can we know the solution. :P
Also @Jade, will proxies work in these case ? I think YES. :D
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I had this problem a couple of years ago. It didn't happen at home using the same notebook, so that rules out anything on the client, such as antivirus software, and it was intermittent, so it was unlikely to be a firewall rule.

I eventually put it down to a DNS problem, because it went away when I changed host (again ruling out the possibility of it being a firewall issue), but that's just a guess.


I´ve been to a Maiden concert, sorry for not responding. Problem is not solved. I have no sufficient access to edit the firewall settings at work. What NickC tells me is what I think it is. At home I use the same firewall and settings and have no problems there.

Jade Elizabeth

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Because of the fact the issue still exists I am still trying to find out what it is causing it.
I have set the theme into the default core theme (only for the forums, not outside the forum using ssi).
It all works fine now. No issues anymore. Only when I go outside the forum (ssi) I get the errors.

This seems that the issue is caused by my custom made theme. I am no wizzkid in PHP so the things I have done in my theme could cause these problems.

Maybe (I really hope) I can make someone here admin on my site so he/she can take a look at my theme (modified classic Yabb theme)???


The fact it works at home 100% and not at work I would hazard to guess it has to do with the configuration at work.  I know many business have proxies, cache systems and server side firewalls they content filter, ad block and other protections.

Have you tried it at other locations other than work?  If it's just work, it's your network configuration and little we can do to alter/fix blocks they have in place.  They should have logs at your work, can you ask for the logs of your traffic to see what is the issue?
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Jade Elizabeth

Yeah good idea Rumbaar. Try at a library, or a friends house. A wifi cafe even :D.
Once proud Documentation Writer and Help Squad Leader | Check out my new adult coloring career: Color With Jade/Patreon.


Thanks for the tip Rumbaar. I have indeed tried it at other places and there no troubles there. I have checked the logs and it does seem to have to do with some of the firewall settings. However, my work won't change these settings just for my website ;D lol
So, the problem remains and have to deal with this annoying thing :P