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Simple variable question (I hope)

Started by AmerikanMetz, July 18, 2007, 03:11:23 AM

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Well, I'm new to using SMF, as I love my vB and IPB, but haven't had the money to get a new license. Anyways, I'm building a graphics website, and just finished coding my own NESCafe Arcade, but I'm wonder, on the Board Index template, is their a predefined variable containing the currently logged in users information?

I'm trying to get their post count, to limit users viewing the arcade. However, I've tried every possibility with $context['user'][] but haven't found anything, so I'm assuming it's just not there. Lol.

Also, for a sub question, is it true that SMF only allows a certain amount of posts and threads!? :O


Use the $user_info variable.

The thing about certain amount of posts and topics is just silly. Whoever said that was mistaken.
The only limit set is by your database size. The ID fields in the various tables allow over 16 million records to be inserted. This means that you can have 16 million+ posts and topics. If that's not enough just adjust the data type of your field. This will transparently increase the limit to the number of milliards.
I will update all my mods in the next few weeks. Thanks for your patience.

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