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SMF 2.1.4 Released

Started by shawnb61, June 10, 2023, 01:18:17 PM

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Dear Members,

Simple Machines is pleased to announce a new patch for the 2.1.x line of SMF, which pushes the version number to 2.1.4.

Notable changes in SMF 2.1.4

  • Attachments Upload UI enhancements - The UI used for uploading attachments is now easier to use, and a tad more aesthetic also.
  • Cron enhancements - When running cron as a crontab in unix, it will now check for scheduled tasks and possibly flush the mail queue, in addition to acting on background tasks.
  • jQuery upgrade - jQuery upgraded to 3.6.3.
  • Notifications bug - Fixed a bug where certain notifications were not getting delivered if a user subscribed to both a board and a topic within the board.
  • Editor bug - Fixed a bug where the cursor position may behave erratically when mentions exist in WYSIWYG mode.
  • Search bug - Fixed a bug caused by some non-backwards compatible behavior in PHP 8.0+ that might result in incomplete results.
  • Subscriptions bug - Fixed a bug where subscriptions with multi-byte utf8 characters in the description might cause errors.
  • Subscriptions bug - Fixed an undefined constant CURLOPT_POSTFIELDSIZE bug.
  • Package Manager bug - Fixed a bug where invalid default value errors were generated.
  • Custom Fields Search bug - Fixed a bug which prevented custom field searches from working on the member list under some circumstances.
  • Autolinker bug - Fixed a bug where the autolinker might get a match on partial names.
  • Upgrader bug - Fixed a bug where certain notification settings were not brought forward properly from 2.0.
  • Hooks bugs - Fixed bugs where hooks might not be removed properly when mods were deleted, and also where duplicate hooks might be created upon mod reinstall.  Also, enabling & disabling of hooks in the admin console works cleanly now.
  • Fixed a bug where admin-only boards might be visible on the board index.
  • Fixed a bug where users might get kicked out with erroneous verification question errors.
  • Fixed a bug where membergroup adds may not get logged properly.
  • Fixed a bug where you may get cache errors in the logs.
  • Fixed a bug where long user agents might cause various errors in the SMF error log.
  • Fixed a bug where MariaDB users might see a "Subject isn't in GROUP BY" error when removing a topic.
  • Fixed a bug where the SSI Recent Topics call did not show the original topic title.
  • Numerous minor bug fixes, e.g., to address undefined vars.
  • Numerous tweaks to enhance the UI.

Please see the change list on GitHub for more information.

How to update to 2.1.4

If you are currently using version 2.1.3, you can perform the update using the Package Manager (Administration Center > Package Manager). There you should see a notification about 2.1.4, including a "update your forum" link. If you do not see this notification in the Package Manager, please run "Fetch Simple Machines files" from the Scheduled Tasks page (Administration Center > Maintenance > Scheduled Tasks), and then try again.

If you are currently using any version from 2.1.0 to 2.1.3, you can use the process described above to apply previous update patches successively until you reach version 2.1.4.

If you are currently using any older version of SMF (including SMF 1.x, SMF 2.0.x, or one of the SMF 2.1 Betas or RCs), you can upgrade directly to 2.1.4 from whichever version you are currently using by using the "Large Upgrade" package from the Download page. Be aware that using this upgrade method will require you to reinstall any customizations that you have added to your forum, so if you are running SMF 2.1.0 or higher, it is recommended that you apply the successive patches instead of using the Large Upgrade.

If you are having problems downloading the patch from the admin panel, you can download the patch package from the Package Manager Updates page and install it via the Package Manager, as you would any other mod package.

Please refer to the Online Manual for more details about patching and upgrading.

Finally, as always, please do not use this topic for support requests. You will receive a much quicker and better response by posting in the 2.1.x Support Board.

Thank you for using SMF!

Simple Machines
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Thanks for all the bug fixes and upgrades.


Awesome sauce!

Thanks to all involved :).


A lot of changes! Thanks dev team.


Thank you all!

Looks interesting.
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Thanks for you work
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Thank you very much!
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Thank you all for your work on version 2.1.4 :) Sounds good.


Thanks to everyone for your hard and very appreciated work!

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Very nice job, Thanks.
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Thank you for all your hard work.

Dave J

Thanks to everyone for their hard work on the update
If you want quizzes to add to the new SMF2.1 quiz mod go here . There are also walkthroughs in the forum to explain how to install them and other tips.


Thank you and congratulations to everyone involved.
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Thanks to the team for all of their hard work! :)


Thanks guys and gals - great job.
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Great work, thanks!  8)


Upgraded three forums last night (only one of which is really active anymore) and didn't have any problems (except with a custom theme I'm using on one of the forums but that's not SMF's fault at all). Still have at least one more to do, not counting a few test boards. Will get to those soon.
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Hi All,
Great work