Calendar displays all members with Upcoming Birthday on 1 January 2022

Started by Speed King, December 02, 2021, 11:09:41 PM

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Speed King


I'm using SMF 2.1 RC4+ (commit ed0f841)
Today I have noticed that Calendar displays list of all users with Upcoming Birthday on 1 January 2022.
The list is displayed in Board index at "Upcoming Birthdays" section, and within Calendar (either on 'List' or 'Month' view)
But almost all users have no birthday added in their profiles.

The setting in Admin panel is Upcoming Bithdays to be displayed in advance of 31 days.


Confirmed! Just looked at my installation and it does the same.

Maybe there is a fix on github already? ??? - Custom Logos - My Themes on SMF | My Themes on ShadesWeb - Sniffing out the road ahead

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woolly bugger

If I correctly recall the upgrade populated empty birthdays with 1004-01-01 ....

Is there a way to disable birthday notifications? email?


admin-> maintenance -> scheduled tasks send birthday emails, uncheck enabled and click on save changes button.


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Speed King