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Started by Matthew K., September 18, 2009, 08:40:43 AM

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An increasing number of platforms take the same view, though, Kindred.

Honestly you should try some of the other platforms in the world sometimes, see the design choices they made and their consequences (for better and worse). It's fascinating to see what resonates with what audience and context.

In this case part of me feels like it needs to be almost actually supporting both from the user's general perspective and giving them the option.


I have tried others... I don't like many of their choices,  lol

Then again, I'm old.

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And with that you have missed the point of the journey :( It's not to see whether you *like* it, but to see what they're doing, and why they're doing it. And I'm not just talking about forums here.

The behaviour in question where a user can curate their own outlook on the world is rapidly becoming a more popular idea in pretty much every corner of the world except for forums. Defending that status quo is not healthy because it just guarantees forums slid further into irrelevance.


Honestly Kidred,  I couldn't care less how the ignore board function works.  I'm simply comparing the functionality to other forum software.  It leave a lot to be desired.  It doesn't even actually ignore the boards in the index.

Nothing personal... it's just not a very good solution vs others that are out there IN MY (and many of my users) HUMBLE OPINION.

Xenforo(sp?) has a pretty decent ignore function in comparison... again,  IMHO.

I am guessing that the SMF team really didn't spend a lot of time working on the functionality of something that PREVENTS what the forum is for.  Frankly... I am not a big fan of any ignore function as I'm a big boy and can choose to NOT click on something if I want.... but apparently there are some that have a differing opinion than I.


Quote from: Kindred on March 19, 2022, 09:08:26 AMI have tried others... I don't like many of their choices,  lol

Then again, I'm old.

See... I'm right there too.  I'm old.  I find the whole notion of a software "ignore" ludicrous... but there is a segment of people who don't think the way we do.

Hell,  I don't own a cell phone! (no,  I'm not kidding).

On purpose!


XenForo's ignore out of the box is arguably worse than SMF's - ignoring boards at all is not an option, while ignoring users is presented slightly more aggressively than SMF. Plugins exist to fill the spacethough.

Ignoring a board as per 2.0 is convenient for 'I don't care about...' content - here I have all the non-English boards muted so I don't get told about them in unread.

But I think there is an argument for people to 'I never want to interact with that even by accident' and this certainly helps deal with the more 'free for all' areas forums do sometimes produce. Especially if you have a demographic that trends towards the 'I know I should let it go but...' mentality.

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Quote from: Arantor on March 19, 2022, 08:51:57 AMIn this case part of me feels like it needs to be almost actually supporting both from the user's general perspective and giving them the option.
Yup, I think this would really be the best approach in this. Because like I said, there are different reasons for wanting to ignore something, and similarly different expectations towards the actual coverage of ignoring content.
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Hello all,

This mod seems like a really nice feature to have, however, after I make the manual changes to the Subs-BoardIndex.php file as per the instructions I get a message that ignore_boards entry does not exist in the database

I opened the database and found there is indeed an entry under smf_members so I'm really stumped

can anyone help? I can post screen prints if needed

thanks in advance


Please disregard ^^^^ this post

I'm an idiot and didn't apply all of the settings instructed within the mod manual edits

I thought I did .. .but sometimes , with the "virtually impossible" editor  :P