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SMF 2.1.3 Released

Started by shawnb61, November 21, 2022, 02:06:14 PM

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Dear Members,

Simple Machines is pleased to announce a new patch for the 2.1.x line of SMF, which pushes the version number to 2.1.3.

Notable changes in SMF 2.1.3

  • Unicode support enhancements - SMF unicode support now matches the latest published standard, Unicode 15, published in Sept 2022 (  Staying current is important for proper capitalization across alphabets, and also with non-printable character detection.
  • Attachments enhancement - Honor SMF-specified attachment limitations.  SMF was restricting attachment uploads based on the underlying php configuration; however, given the .js approach used, this limitation did not apply.
  • Attachments enhancement - Automatically delete inserted img tags when the corresponding attachments are deleted.
  • Notification enhancement - Cleanup unread notifications after post approvals, after closing moderation reports, and after unlikes.
  • Notification enhancement - Cleanup unread orphan alerts, created by message or topic deletions or permission changes.
  • Notification enhancement - Cleanup unread quote and mention alerts if they were removed during a post edit.
  • Upgrader enhancements - Issue warnings if attachment or avatar directories are not found. Also, a new option was added to allow the user to rerun the attachment conversion.
  • Enhanced timezone support - SMF now supports all current timezones (
  • Attachments bug - Fixed a bug where attachments might disappear with a "Not a Valid Attachment ID" message.
  • Notification bug - Fixed a bug where the alert count displayed was incorrect.
  • Email bug - Fixed a bug where emails with a mail type of PHP did not work properly in PHP 8.x in linux environments. (SMTP was OK.)
  • Postgresql support - Fixed numerous issues causing mod installs to behave differently across Postgresql and MySQL.  It is much easier now to develop a mod that supports both.
  • Fixed a bug where PHP 8.1 was being persnickety and did not like implicit float to int conversions.
  • Fixed a bug where the sql_mode was not being properly set in MySQL 8.x.  This would result in slightly different DB query behavior across MySQL 5.x and MySQL 8.x.
  • Fixed a bug where explicitly "Not Following" a topic resulted in it showing up in your unread list, and not going away...
  • Improved support for spaces in URLs...  Not per any RFC or spec, but SMF supported them in 2.0, so that support should have been carried forward to 2.1...
  • Fixed a bug where errors appeared in the SMF error log when crawlers attempted to access now-moved avatars.  During the 2.1 migration, avatars and attachments may be relocated; external crawlers referencing defunct links should not generate SMF errors.
  • Fixed a bug in Postgresql syntax when deleting fulltext indexes.
  • Fixed a bug where "Trying to access array offset on value of type null" showed up in the log.
  • Fixed a bug where the editor would drop links if copied and pasted.
  • Fixed a bug where right-to-left languages could not be specified and displayed properly.
  • Fixed a bug where sorting PMs did not work properly.
  • Fixed a bug where the BBC url setting erroneously affected signature and topic behavior.
  • Fixed a bug where hidden members were hidden from admins, too...
  • Fixed a bug where the wrong icon was used for profile links in PMs.
  • Fixed a bug where robot_no_index might be set incorrectly, potentially affecting SEO.
  • Fixed a bug with CORS headers were not being built properly.
  • Fixed a bug where custom themes might load empty styles.
  • Fixed a bug where permissions were not properly retained when boards were moved.  Moved boards might disappear...
  • Fixed a bug with using wildcards in IP tracking.
  • Fixed multiple errors with caching - better reporting of the cache engine not loading, and better handling when not getting a hit on cached info.
  • Improved edits on profile info, e.g., website urls too long.
  • Fixed a bug where page numbers in lengthy lists might show decimals...
  • Improved the message when verification questions were missing.
  • Enhanced support for passwords for myBB converted users.
  • Fixed an upgrader bug where 1.1 migrations might fail with Too few arguments to function smf_mysql_insert_id().
  • Numerous minor enhancements and tweaks to layout.

Please see the change list on GitHub for more information.

How to update to 2.1.3

If you are currently using version 2.1.2 you can perform the update using the Package Manager (Administration Center > Package Manager). There you should see a notification about 2.1.3, including a "update your forum" link. If you do not see this notification in the Package Manager, please run "Fetch Simple Machines files" from the Scheduled Tasks page (Administration Center > Maintenance > Scheduled Tasks), and then try again.

If you are currently using version 2.1.0 - 2.1.1, you can use the process described above to apply previous update patches successively until you reach version 2.1.3.

If you are currently using any older version of SMF (including SMF 1.x, SMF 2.0.x, or one of the SMF 2.1 Betas or RCs), you can upgrade directly to 2.1.3 from whichever version you are currently using by using the "Large Upgrade" package from the Download page. Be aware that using this upgrade method will require you to reinstall any customizations that you have added to your forum, so if you are running SMF 2.1.0 or higher, it is recommended that you apply the successive patches instead of using the Large Upgrade.

If you are having problems downloading the patch from the admin panel, you can download the patch package from the Package Manager Updates page and install it via the Package Manager, as you would any other mod package.

Please refer to the Online Manual for more details about patching and upgrading.

Finally, as always, please do not use this topic for support requests. You will receive a much quicker and better response by posting in the 2.1.x Support Board.

Thank you for using SMF!

Simple Machines
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Lots of good enhancement / fixes, thank you kindly.


Well done - thanks team! Congrats for another awesome update. :)
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Aleksi "Lex" Kilpinen

That's one big list of fixes and improvements, thanks to the devs and all others involved!
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Great work team congratulations

Doug Heffernan

A big thank you from me as well to the devs and everyone else involved. You have done an outstanding jo :)


Thank you to everyone who made this happen :).

Awesome work :).


Marvellous! Good job, team!
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Sesqu... Sesqui... what?
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Wahoo! Quite the update. Thanks again SMF team & contributors for all of your hard work!


Great job, congrats everyone!
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Thanks everyone at SMF !   8)


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Great job everyone :D I share a mate that they earned without a doubt
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Great update, thank you team  ;)
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KnD Hosting


Congrats on the updated release
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Thank you to everyone involved! Great job! 8) - Custom Logos - My Themes on SMF | My Themes on ShadesWeb - Sniffing out the road ahead

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Thank you very much for your hard work.

Dave J

Fantastic news, thank you and well done to all those who contributed to the update
If you want quizzes to add to the new SMF2.1 quiz mod go here . There are also walkthroughs in the forum to explain how to install them and other tips.


Congrats with the release!


Great to hear, good job.