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Dark theme for this site?

Started by spiros, June 09, 2020, 02:27:37 PM

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I'm finding the same bug with quick reply preview here, but that's something to do with the guts of 2.1 RC4 as far as I know (or possibly a site issue). It's nothing to do with this theme. :)

And the sidebar option could easily be done as a theme variant for any custom theme. It's something I'd be keen on doing myself anyway, as I much prefer the sidebars.

Sir Osis of Liver

Waiting on your dark theme.

Nother 20 sec preview load.  Doesn't happen on clean install.
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If I want preview I just use "Reply" instead of the quick reply. It's faster at the moment. Copy the QR content to clipboard > hit "Reply" > paste clipboard content to textarea > hit "Preview". Fast and easy.

And TBH I'm having a lot of fun fine tuning the light theme. It's "the 2.1 theme as I wanted it, before everyone else made me compromise, and then frigged around with it after I left".

But yes, I want a dark one too. :)

ETA: I should set up a 2.1 RC4 test site online. Then I can run these variants live there, with a simply selector to switch variants.


This doesn't really count as a bug in the 2.1 RC4 default, but IMO the user menu drops look much better with content presented like this.

You cannot view this attachment.

This is still standard markup (although that could be simplified). The CSS is simple too, and doesn't need anything extra for responsive.


Maybe put the code in a repo? Much more practical to follow.


I hate GitHub. :P This way is easier for me, and I'm the one doing the work, so... :D

Although I have thought I could start a "Theme Previews" thread and put the files there. Problem is there's still the editing time limit here, which means updating the OP would be impossible and files would still end up strewn through the thread.

Other option is to put it on a domain of my own on a handy page, but that seems a bit daft when it's specific to this site. Best option may be to link the latest files from my sig, and keep that updated.

Anyway, the attached files are where it is up to. The _variant file is heavily commented, if anyone wants to dig into how this thing is put together.


Ok, first crack at a dark version. :)
It's still a bit mutant gnarly WIP for detailing in some spots. Will improve it as I find things that annoy me. :P
I am looking at some right now. :D


Have improved quite a bit since I posted the last files. It still needs work on some buttons, the drop menus, and the pop-up menus, but is otherwise pretty close. Should have it fully sorted by next week. Will post another CSS file in a day or two.


I wonder what happens if I just paste Lunarfall's CSS right here... (requires s* ton of fixing).


Off to a good start though. My initial move was to just paste in the  CSS for my old Chocolate Curvaceous  2.0.x variant, and see how that looked. It mostly looked ok, so I went from there. :)


Ok, next version. This is generally pretty decent. Still needs some work.

Main menu buttons and drop menus are still a bit crude for my taste. Pop-up menus still have the light colour scheme. Some minor eye candy tweaks are needed in the profile and PM areas. Apart from those details it should be good to go.

Although do note that I have not tested it much on the Customize Site yet, due to that still being in beta. And of course I don't have access to moderation and admin functions here either, so there may be some odd bits in place I can't see.


I rely on markup changes to offer something relatively different (not big but some) and that creates massive headache to me in situations like this :P 


Lol. I love hacking markup (and go nuts on it sometimes) but in this case no can do. I have to get sneaky, instead of just going troppo with a chainsaw. :D


And god said: let there be darkness!


Okey dokey, I am calling this thing finished for now. :)
The forum itself should be fine everywhere for most members.

1/ I have not tried to make this compatible with RTL languages (can do, if there is enough demand).
2/ I have not checked moderation  or admin areas (obviously) so don't know about issues there.
3/ Areas outside the forum itself (ie: Customize Site, etc) have been left alone, as these are still a bit beta after the recent site upgrade.

If anyone finds any bugs they want fixed, let me know. I might even fix them. :D


Quote from: spiros on September 03, 2021, 11:11:38 AMMaybe put the code in a repo? Much more practical to follow.

I had an idea about this. We have a sort of non-GitHub repo: the Themes Site right here. Since these are just Curve 2 variants, and since I already have an "Ant's Curve Variants" page there (with associated support thread) the sensible option is to add these Stylus override files as extra downloads on the Themes Site. Easy to keep track of, and easy to update.

And while I'm at it, I might as well make these two into actual installable themes. Most of the work is already done anyway. :)


Brilliant idea. Especially the installable themes :)
Thanks for the good work!
A bug: in forum index only the top (go to top) arrow appears.


That's not a bug as such. Remember I can't touch the markup here. The "Go down" button only appears on certain pages, and not on the board index. ;)

ETA: Although bear in mind that you may encounter some genuine bugs. They are still updating the "RC4" this site is running, so the code I am trying to override keeps changing. For example, just now I noticed some details which were not borked before, but are now.

I will try to keep up wwith the changes, but TBH this is one reason themers hate dev builds and only want to deal with stable code. ;)