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Started by Bugo, February 15, 2011, 03:48:12 PM

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Quote from: Bugo on March 18, 2022, 08:14:47 AMIt is not for sale, but is distributed as a bonus to sponsors.

I have the same issue. Hmmmmm. Doesn't have the effect of making me want to sponsor...


Hello, I installed the optimus mod on a 2.1 version, I can't get my sitemap, I have a 404 not found error, do you have an idea? thank you


Apparently, for some reason, the file was not created at the root of the forum. See server logs - maybe it's about file permissions. Try to create an empty sitemap.xml and set permissions at 777 for it. Then go to the sitemap tab settings and click the Save button.


Hi, Bugo

Optimus is extremely useful mod but I'm would like to know

How to add 2-4 phase keyword ?

example :

I'm need to add keyword "Grigor Dimitrov" and "Grigor Dimitrov Forehand"

OPTIMUS allow only 1 Phase keyword.

You cannot view this attachment.

You cannot view this attachment.

You cannot view this attachment. 

and keyword will show only 1 phase keyword.

Thank you for your reply  ;)


Well, that's why it's called "keywords", not "keyphrases".
Use descriptions for that.


I see this was updated...

What is the difference from v2.10.4 to v2.10.5? Trying to figure out if I need to upgrade or not!?

(Sorry, I couldn't find a changelog!)

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Fixed various little things, if everything works with the current version, you don't need to update.


Hello, I have installed latest 2.10.5 version on SMF v2.1.1... but after saving settings I can't see any friendly url. What could be wrong?

Thank you.


Where is it written that they should be?


Quote from: Bugo on April 27, 2022, 11:07:26 AMWhere is it written that they should be?



very first mod installed in very fresh 2.1.1

and after on saving, an edited topic got this error

2: Undefined array key "optimus_keywords"You cannot view this attachment.

also, on editing topic, keywords were  not listed
smf 2.1.2


Are optimus_keywords and optimus_log_keywords tables exist in your database? If not, try to reinstall the mod.


Quote from: Bugo on May 04, 2022, 10:11:59 PMAre optimus_keywords and optimus_log_keywords tables exist in your database? If not, try to reinstall the mod.

yes, both tables exists in db with newly generated rows.

i reinstalled mod, tried to edit topic, but old keywords were empty.
on saving, gave same error.

checked db again and keywords were there in db.
smf 2.1.2


Possible to add EhPortal pages to the sitemap also?

EDIT: I just saw you made a portal mod for 2.1 also, which has SEO built into it, would rather not switch over though now that I have everything setup.


Optimus has long supported EhPortal and adds pages accessible for guests to the sitemap. If pages are inaccessible to guests, they will not be added to the sitemap.


HM okay so, I set it up on a test forum and it does indeed list the custom page from Ehportal. In addition, prettyURLs is working on the test forum but not my actual forum. Do I need to set something in .htaccess or will it maybe fix it next time it updates?


Did you install the PrettyURLs addon for Optimus?


No, and yet, its working on the older/test forum (running SMF RC2, PrettyURLs 2.3, Optimus 2.8.3 [10.05.20]). All links are pretty and its showing my custom pages fine.


I don't support the old versions.


I see. So if I'm understanding right 3euros for the Addon? Is this a one time payment? Also, I'm having the same issue nishuFun has with adding keywords to topics:

Undefined array key "optimus_keywords"