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Title: How to request a modification (Mod)
Post by: SlammedDime on June 09, 2008, 04:09:19 PM
We understand that you may want modifications to your SMF forum to enhance its feature set, performance, or looks. If you're new to SMF or new to looking for and installing mods, you may not know how to request a mod or what options you might have available to you. Using the following format when requesting a mod will allow mod authors to easily understand what you are asking for.

Before submitting a mod request, please search our site, as your request may have already been answered.  Some suggested resources to use:
Please use the following format for submitting mod requests. While it is not required, it is highly suggested.

Subject: [PAID/FREE] Short Description/Title of Mod

[If this is a mod you are willing to pay for, please state that at the start of your post.  If you are willing to pay for upgrades to future versions of SMF, please state that as well.]

[You need to state what version of SMF you want it for. Mods for 1.1.x don't generally work on 2.0 and vice versa.]

[Include a short description of what the mod is and what you expect it do.  Provide examples from other websites or link to other mods that may be similar but do not offer what you want.  The more precise you are, the better mod authors can understand you and crank out what you need.  Don't forget to list what version of SMF you need this created for.  If you aren't running the latest version of SMF, and the feature you are looking for exists in a newer version, you should probably upgrade.]

[Include a section on permissions.  SMF has a very powerful permissions system, based on usergroup and board.  You should specify who would have access to your mod.  Is it an admin only feature?  How about something staff (moderators / global moderators) would use?  A feature for all members?  Only members of certain usergroups?  Please don't limit yourself to just answering these questions, but utilize this section to explain in detail what you expect for access to your mod.]

Feature Set
[Use this section to discuss exactly what features you want.  Admin options?  User options?  There really is no limit except the programmer, so feel free to be as specific as you can.]