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Title: Problem installing mods.
Post by: barmuudo on August 09, 2008, 03:54:41 AM
i have problem everytime i install mod packed  is say successful but when i go to the option Features and Options i can't see tab of my example simple portal mod ..and everytime i make directory temp is delete automatically...i had before this problem i removed the smf for my host and i installed back before i install the smf it i made temp directory and chomp 777 and i installed smf in my host when i finish and i installed a ultimate profile mod..and simple portal it works for me at the first time i install the smf after that i can't install any mod i try ed to uninstall the simple portal to know what is the problem and then  i installed it back the simple portal even i made folder temp chomp777 i still got problem i can't see a tab of option Features and Options ..always is says u have been successful installed the mod and i can't see the tab of the simple portal loll sorry for the wicked English..i mean bad
Title: Problem installing mods.
Post by: Rumbaar on August 12, 2008, 05:13:03 AM
You have to make sure all the $txt[] strings for your mod have been installed into your forums language files.  Most times they are only installed into the english files, so if you are using not that language you need to edit your to include those strings.
Title: Re: Problem installing mods.
Post by: barmuudo on August 13, 2008, 06:22:24 AM

This Mod removes package managers deleting of the temp directory in package manager but still allows it to clear it out.
This mod is not needed for everyone. Some hosts have problems with php creating and removing directories. This mod attempts to fix this problem by removing pack manager's directory deletion code on the temp directory. Which means that future mods will you will not need to create the temp directory again.

Note: Though Beforethis mod is installed you may need to create the temp directory to get it installed. And one more time possibly after. But should continue to be there after.
The temp directory should have full permissions to read/write to it

thnks man for the help....but if sorry to ask again i need to make my own theme style i need the code is there any program like webiste layout maker easy way