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Title: 1.1.8/2.0 RC1 Exploit Utility - kb_scan.php
Post by: Fustrate on May 26, 2009, 01:57:28 AM
The Simple Machines Team has recently identified and patched an attack against all versions of SMF. The development team has fixed the underlying issue to ensure this type of attack can not re-occur. SMF 1.0.17, SMF 1.1.9 and SMF 2.0 RC1.1, have been released as a result.

Symptoms of an infected forum may include:

To better aid our users, we have created a tool to enable clean up of an infected site. This tool can be run on any SMF forum. It should remove the infection code from any files that happened to be hit. It also raises flags on the following possible files/matches:

If you are not sure if you have been hit, please do try out the tool. If you feel you are still infected after using the tool, please create a support topic for one of our support team to assist you.
This tool works with all SMF versions.

You can find the updates at

Thank you,
The Simple Machines Team

To use this file:

If you have any questions, please start a new topic