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Title: Help! Wrong sections!
Post by: garryspod on January 26, 2010, 09:34:28 PM
Everytime I was told to edit something in /Themes/default/    I didn't know I was actually supposed to do it in the theme called default, so I edited it in my custom theme folder instead... It still seemed to work for everything but will this make my forum less stable or more buggy? Thanks...

And while I'm here how can I get a direct link to the Paid Subscriptions page witghout the user having to manually browse to it... Because I want to have a link that even guests can go to so I can advertise it on my home page.
Title: Re: Help! Wrong sections!
Post by: Kindred on February 20, 2010, 03:07:41 AM
if you do not edit the default theme, the mods may not work with other themes...

in other words, when a mod installs, it gets added into the themes/default/*.template.php files.   In the case of smf 2.0, it also attempts to make the installation into the custom theme folder/template files as well...   but not all custom themes have all template files, and if a theme does not use a custom version of a specific template file, then the default theme version is automatically used.

In other words, YES, you shoudl apply all changes to your themes/default.*.template.php files as you did for your custom theme files.