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Title: Building an Alumni website
Post by: Dinthill 65ers on May 31, 2010, 11:26:47 PM
I am not an expert web author. I however have a copy of Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 and would like to create a website for my graduating class. This website must have the following: Chat, Forum, Message Board, Allow members to enter and edit their personal information, A page for remembering those who have passed away, Other information relevant to an Alumni group.

I found a hosting service that offers template based Alumni websites. This service has most of the capabilities I require but limits my ability to control the design.  Can I use SMF to create a site that allows me to include the above mentioned options?

Title: Re: Building an Alumni website
Post by: Kindred on May 31, 2010, 11:36:45 PM
first of all, please look at the board descriptions and post your questions in the correct location. Not only will it avoid annoying the mods who have to move posts around all day, but it is more likely to get your questions answered promptly.

second: SMF is a fourm. Although there are add-ons for many third party thigns like chat....  SMF is not a chat software. What is the difference between a forum and a message board? You would probably have to code your "remembrance page" yourself, since nothing like that exists (that I know of)

third: never, ever, ever use dreamweaver to edit php files.You will 99.9% likely mess them up and make them unusable.