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Title: Tips and tricks index
Post by: Gwenwyfar on August 04, 2018, 07:57:02 PM
This is a list of all tips and tricks dating back to 2012. Those that were made solely for SMF 1.x are not included in this list (if you spot any that is, report this post for a moderator to remove).

The old index can be found here (

Ads: Adsense within first post of thread in smf 2.0 specially the core theme (
Ads: Various Ad Placements (
Ads: Google AdSense in SMF, various positions (
Alert when few global mods online (
Anti-spam: Why i dont get spammers in my forum (
Anti-spam: Remove colon added to end of Verification Question (
Autosuggest: Adding AutoSuggest to Search for 'By user' field (
Avatar: Making a "real" default avatar (Eg: without editing templates) (

Banner: Full width banner - automatically scales to any screen size (
Bans: Allow Admin to search for banned members (SMF 2.0.4) (
Bans: Having Problems With Banned Members?  (
Bans: How to ban users properly from .htaccess (
BBC: Made new mod for smf v2.0.x "Vimeo bbc_code Mod" (
BBC: Completely stupid BBC tag! (
BBC: Cyling/Run Route BBCodes (
BBC: Highlight Any Text In Your Posts Using a BBC Button (
BBC: Simple trick to change the background color of text -- in BBCode form! (
Blog: Make a simple SMF blog using 3 existing mods (
Boardindex: Limit Recent Posts on BoardIndex to certain boards (
Boards: A Neat Way To Enhance a Board! (
Boards: Pretty "Child Boards" On Front Page (
Boards: Use a different background per board, with only 1 theme (
Boards: Show board icon as "on" to guests (
Chatbox: Create sweet chat rooms for your SMF using SimplePortal (
Chatbox: how to COMPLETELY integrate FlashChat into SMF so you have a cool CHAT (
Chatbox: Integrate Envolve Chat to your Forum (
Chatbox: How to Add Xat into SMF (
Clock: Live clock in header (
Cookies: How to add UK Cookie Consent to SMF (

Database: Share user database for 2 (or more) different forums (
Disqus: How to add Disqus support to SMF (
Dropbox: Automatically get DropBox images to show using Share link (

Emails: Send Email with Gmail (
Emails: Setting up a gmail account on SMF (
Emojis: Parser to change Emojis for images in posts for PC users  (

Fix for malformed activation links (
Favicon: Add a favicon (bookmark/favorite icon) to your forum (
Feed: Getting the Most Out of SMF - XML, RSS and RSS2 (and Atom and RDF) feeds (
Footer: Auto Update The Year In SMF Footer Copyright Message (

Graphics: Using Font-Awesome Icons With Simple Machines (
Graphics: Slim Top Progress Bar Using NProgress.js in SMF (
Graphics: Changing (Messing) the mouse-pointer on your site (
Graphics: New Board Index Table Layout (
Graphics: Membergroup Images Instead of Name (
Graphics: Call core features icon by theme (fix for 2.0.x bug) (
Graphics: "NEW" post icons to the left (
Graphics: Auto resizing of images in posts, etc by CSS (
Graphics: Styling The Breadcrumbs Link Tree In SMF (
Graphics: VB Postbit Style With User Information Above Posts For SMF 2.0.x  (
Graphics: New Layout for "Replies / Views" (
Graphics: Simple jQuery Fadeout Effects (
Graphics: Last Post under Board Description (
Graphics: Change Youtube Video Players Color on Your Forum (
Graphics: Few colors that look very nice with SMF default template (
Graphics: Improved Stats template  (
Graphics: Xenforo Like Display / Post Page for SMF 2.0 (
Graphics: Style Your Current Page (1 ... 6 7 >[8]< 9 10 ... 15) (
Graphics: Creating a jQuery Sliding Login Panel  (
Graphics: PM Alert (
Graphics: Float Post Around Poster Info Using CSS (

Image upload: Tinypic Image Upload Popup on Post/Reply Page (
Image script: Forum info image scripts (
Images: Resize image alert and click resized image open new window (

Karma: Change the Applaud/Smite set up To Thanks  (
Karma: Increase Post Count With Karma (
Karma: If a user gives someone karma send them an email letting them know (

Line breaks: Limit excess line breaks within posts, pm's, etc (
Line breaks: Removing extra line breaks from messages  (
Links: Add "nofollow" for external links (
Logo: Logo with link to (any) homepage (

Menu: Displaying a Statically Positioned Nav Bar  (
Menu: Advanced sidebar menus (
Menu: Add open reports to the menu (
Menu: Center Nav Menu Bar (1.x and 2.x) (
Menu: Moving Menu To Top Using CSS for 2.0 (
Menu: Additional Dropdown Menu for Curve Theme 2.0 RC3 (
Menu: Lazy Admin Menu (
Membergroups: HowTo activate team badges (
Membergroups: Group Images Instead of Names (
Moderation: How to enable moderation for first 1/2/3 etc  (
Modify button for messages in topic search results (
Mobile: Responsive Topic - Q&A  (
Mobile: Make your YouTube posts responsive (
Multidomain SMF forum (
Multiple Accounts, Same Email (

Permissions: Show an error when a guest tries to view a topic (
Permissions: Hiding Custom Profile Fields from guests in topic view (
Permissions: Restricted set of account management options for 'Moderate forum members' (
Permissions: Administrate Yourself (
Permissions: Allowing guests to see all Boards but not entering (
Permissions: No attachment limit for admins (
Permissions: Redirect guests to the login page when trying to view a topic (
PDF: See PDF in Posts (
Posts: Option to post Anonymously on topics (
Post images: Auto-show image links as pictures without using [img] tag in messages (
Print page: Floating 'Print this page' button in "printpage" action (
Profile fields: Skype Profile (
Profile fields: Custom Profile Field - only owner can see, only admin can edit (
Profile fields: Mood Icons using Custom Profile Field (
Profile fields: Group permissions to modify CPF's set to "only admins can edit" (
Proxy: Proxy Images without Proxy.php (Nginx Users) (
Proxy: Implement an image proxy to speedup your SMF forum (

Radio: Adding an audio player to smf with no restarting when switching pages (
Radio: How to add a Nice radio player for your forum (
Radio: Radio for smf (
Rename index.php (
Resetting Forum (

Safari: SMF Shortcut Keys when posting via Safari  (
Scroll buttons: jQuery "scroll to top" and "scroll to bottom" buttons  (
Sessions: Auto Renew Sessions (
Signatures: Close Signature Guests (
Signatures: signature info stats (
Simpleportal: Add Title Attribute To SimplePortal Front Page (
Social media: SMF forum posts to Twitter / Facebook (without mods/coding!) (
Social media: Adding Twitter and Facebook "Share/Like" Button To Posts (
Social media: Pin your bbc tag images with this jQuery Pinterest Plugin (
Social media: Add Facebook Comments to your first post (
Social media: Social Media Icons in Profile Field Tutorial (
Social media: Automatic Twitter Embedding (
Social media: Post to Twitter using SMF RSS and small php file (
Social media: Get Facebook and others to load a shared url (
Social media: Facebook Share Button (
Social media: How To Display Facebook, Twitter & Feedburner Subscriber Count In Text (
Statistics: How to include "Recycled" topics and posts into the Statistics (
Surveys, Like what ___ are you (
SSI: Call first image of news on SSI boardnews (
SSI: SSI menubar (re)fix (
SSL: SSL offloading an SMF forum (

Tapatalk: Disable Tapatalk banner popup (
Timer: jquery countdown (
Topics: [Hack/SMF 2.0.x] Remove "Read xx times" from topic view (
Topics: Add Buddy Button On Post (
Tracking User Activity (
Translation: Add Google Translate to your SMF 2.0 forum (
Tutorial: SMF Theme Making (

Whitespace: Trim Subject and Message Body (
Who's online: Displaying the "unknown action" in the who's online list (
Who's online: SMF 1.x & 2.x - Custom Who.template.php - Displays Users, Guests & Spiders (
Wordpress: Show the latest WordPress posts inside SMF (