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Title: Modification of karma mod
Post by: Rock Lee on November 06, 2018, 05:15:30 PM
I have several mods that modify the karma of the 1.1.x branch that I have to pass to 2.0.x but I can not understand it at all. Look for the author of the modifications to see if he could explain how it works or what logic applies but almost 1 year ago he does not connect. I need ideas or if there is such a modification so that the SMF karma for example of points when publishing, answering, uploading attachments (the points can be configured) also reached a certain number to be able to exchange it for a paid subscription. Never touch the 1.1 and reading your documentation I can not quite understand how it applies to be able to update it to 2.0.x or adapt it to the latest version...

Thanks and regards!