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Title: 8: Undefined index: global_character_set in subs.php
Post by: NFG on June 19, 2019, 10:31:34 AM
EDIT:  The problem was in the question.  I dropped the Tapatalk table and the upgrade completed, and the errors went away.  So, um, never mind!  ^__^

I just upgraded my forum to RC2, and it was pretty painless.  The upgrader choked on what seems to be a leftover tapatalk table, but that was at the 98% mark and everything else worked...  I had to close that attempt and reload the forum and it seems to be working fine.

But I'm getting a TON of this one error in the logs:

Code: [Select]
8: Undefined index: global_character_set
 /var/www/forum2/Sources/Subs.php (Line 862)

Can anyone suggest a fix?  500 errors in ~15 minutes, and no end in sight.