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Title: Multimple Forums - Single User Database
Post by: MrLeN on May 06, 2006, 02:37:39 PM
I have been wanting to have multiple forums using one user database for years, but to date, there is still no proper solution online. I was here six months or so ago asking about it and I had a crack at it and got a dozen or so SMF's running with a single user database. But this simply involved too much mucking around. When it came time for me to upgrade, I had forgot all the idiosyncrasies that I had to remember when I had it all set up the first time.

So, I am here to see what the news is. Has anyone created a script which does this properly yet? If Not, I am sick and tired of waiting. Out of all the forums online, no one seems to think this would be a useful thing to do. So, I'm offering money. If someone wants to create a script for me that will allow me to install one master SMF which I can use unlimited slave SMF's, and so that I only ever need to upgrade the master, then I'll pay for it.

Otherwise, if someone has finally done this, I have obviously missed it. Can you direct me to the information?

But before I sign off, I have to reiterate - WHY on earth aren't any of the popular board supporting such a feature? I mean, to me, it would have to be the single most powerful factor towards gaining a monopoly over the forum software community online. I'd like a dollar for every time I have seen people asking about this.

Title: Re: Multimple Forums - Single User Database
Post by: Dieter on May 07, 2006, 10:37:39 AM
I'm not sure if I understand you right here but you want to install two forums and just have one database?

If so, You just change the prefix (smf_) during installation of your forum (so you have two different prefixes) then you will not mess up your tables in your database.  :)
Title: Re: Multimple Forums - Single User Database
Post by: silverdragonrs on May 07, 2006, 04:11:10 PM
he is asking the same question i have been asking. he wants to install a forum on art a seperate forum on music, and a seperate forum on poetry persay. but each person logging on has to regester on each seperate forum... and login each time they change forums. how can you make it so that all three (or more) forums use the same user/pass database so this is not a problem any more. also I would love to create a main login screen on my website that accesses the same database as well so that they can sign in only one time to access my chat rooms, downloads, and forums. This script/feature/ability would be very usefull. My site is free so i can't offer money but i would like it very much if somebody could post a solution that solves at least a few of these problems.... it has to be as simple as pointing one of these php templates at one universal user database. im just not familiar with database or php programming.

thanks... (p.s. is somthing up with this forum or is it just me.... im not staying signed in from page to page and can't access most threads. had to refresh several times and restart and all before i finally could get here. :P )

Title: Re: Multimple Forums - Single User Database
Post by: silverdragonrs on May 12, 2006, 12:29:31 AM
ok ..... i think i am close to figuring this thing out... in the /scource/loginout.php you find the following code in two places {$db_prefix}members..... i think by removing the {$db_prefix} part and replacing it with "default"_ then no matter how many forums you have they will all use the same user/pass database.... i am not sure but i think {$db_prefix}log_online has to be edited in the same way. "default"_log_online being the end result (default can be anything you want it to be or an existing forum prefix)

the only problem i am having is the cookie.... each forum creates a cookie.. but if you switch from one forum to another you get a cookie error.... i will look into this a little more but since my skills with php are limited to "figuring it out" it could take a while.... if anyone else knows php and/or SMF files perhaps some assistance could be granted. :) at least i hope. :(

thank you,
Title: Re: Multimple Forums - Single User Database
Post by: silverdragonrs on May 12, 2006, 03:26:01 AM :) needs to be stickied to this forum :( check this out... i am not sure about the age of this solution yet but its a step in the right direction.....

not to mention the great big personal pat on my back for getting something partially right :) lol