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Server Performance and Configuration / Re: php-fpm 100% CPU with SMF
« Last post by Arantor on Yesterday at 05:12:57 PM »
That does somewhat suggest there is a configuration problem if it only happened after the reboot, but I'd still wonder how frequently those IPs are hitting the server? Actual numbers of hits per second would be interesting data.
Server Performance and Configuration / Re: php-fpm 100% CPU with SMF
« Last post by sah62 on Yesterday at 05:07:13 PM »
I use PHP-FPM for 3 other sites on the same server. Each has it's own pool. I have the site in maintenance mode right now and the CPU situation is under control, but my users won't be very happy about that for long.

It's not the multiple processes I'm concerned about. I understand that's normal. What's concerning is that the processes for this one pool are consuming all of the available CPU to the detriment of everything else that's running on the server. The CPU load didn't spike until after the server was rebooted. I watch it pretty closely and haven't seen this before. When I count the unique IP addresses that appear in my nginx access log, these appear at the top (count followed by IP address):

Code: [Select]

All crawlers, and all but one of those addresses are in space owned by Microsoft. I could add each of those addresses to my firewall to block them, but is that the best thing to do?
SMF 2.0.x Support / Re: php 7.1 going away soon
« Last post by Sir Osis of Liver on Yesterday at 05:03:24 PM »
You can move to a better host.  My host supports php 5.3 - 7.3, currently running 7.2 native.  I sometimes use early versions to salvage damaged 1.1 databases, so it's a necessity for me.
Server Performance and Configuration / Re: php-fpm 100% CPU with SMF
« Last post by Arantor on Yesterday at 04:50:52 PM »
Well, spawning multiple PHP-FPM processes would be normal; you spin up a pool of PHP interpreters and leave them on to serve your site when requests happen (so that you don't have to load the PHP interpreter every time)

Is this the only instance using PHP-FPM? The code in question is part of the RSS feed support; I'd wonder if you're being hammered and didn't notice it before but do now because you were actively looking?
Server Performance and Configuration / php-fpm 100% CPU with SMF
« Last post by sah62 on Yesterday at 04:46:54 PM »
I'm running SMF 2.0.15 on a virtual machine hosted by Linode running Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS. My web server is nginx 1.14, PHP version 7.2 (yes, I know it's not officially supported). Last night Linode did some kind of kernel maintenance on my host. After they rebooted the server, nginx and php-fpm installation started consuming 100% of available CPU by spawning multiple php-fpm child processes. It turns out that those processes were associated with connections to my forum. Here's a slice of what I see in my php-fpm slow processing log (set to capture requests taking > 10 seconds to process):

Code: [Select]
[17-Oct-2019 14:38:58]  [pool www] pid 25703
script_filename = /var/www/forum/index.php
[0x00007f3deaa1b7a0] preg_split() /var/www/forum/Sources/Load.php:262
[0x00007f3deaa1b6a0] {closure}() /var/www/forum/Sources/News.php:432
[0x00007f3deaa1b550] cdata_parse() /var/www/forum/Sources/News.php:784
[0x00007f3deaa1b3b0] getXmlRecent() /var/www/forum/Sources/News.php:237
[0x00007f3deaa1b170] ShowXmlFeed() /var/www/forum/index.php:170

[17-Oct-2019 14:39:18]  [pool www] pid 25707
script_filename = /var/www/forum/index.php
[0x00007f3deaa1b7d0] preg_split() /var/www/forum/Sources/Load.php:239
[0x00007f3deaa1b6a0] {closure}() /var/www/forum/Sources/News.php:398
[0x00007f3deaa1b550] cdata_parse() /var/www/forum/Sources/News.php:784
[0x00007f3deaa1b3b0] getXmlRecent() /var/www/forum/Sources/News.php:237
[0x00007f3deaa1b170] ShowXmlFeed() /var/www/forum/index.php:170

[17-Oct-2019 14:39:31]  [pool www] pid 25712
script_filename = /var/www/forum/index.php
[0x00007f3deaa1b7a0] preg_split() /var/www/forum/Sources/Load.php:262
[0x00007f3deaa1b6a0] {closure}() /var/www/forum/Sources/News.php:432
[0x00007f3deaa1b550] cdata_parse() /var/www/forum/Sources/News.php:784
[0x00007f3deaa1b3b0] getXmlRecent() /var/www/forum/Sources/News.php:237
[0x00007f3deaa1b170] ShowXmlFeed() /var/www/forum/index.php:170

[17-Oct-2019 14:39:55]  [pool www] pid 25715
script_filename = /var/www/forum/index.php
[0x00007f3deaa1b7d0] array_search() /var/www/forum/Sources/Load.php:242
[0x00007f3deaa1b6a0] {closure}() /var/www/forum/Sources/News.php:397
[0x00007f3deaa1b550] cdata_parse() /var/www/forum/Sources/News.php:784
[0x00007f3deaa1b3b0] getXmlRecent() /var/www/forum/Sources/News.php:237
[0x00007f3deaa1b170] ShowXmlFeed() /var/www/forum/index.php:170

Here's the code from Load.php:

Code: [Select]
237                 'strpos' => function($haystack, $needle, $offset = 0) use ($utf8, &$ent_check, &$ent_list, $modSettings)
 238                 {
 239                         $haystack_arr = preg_split('~(' . $ent_list . '|.)~' . ($utf8 ? 'u' : ''), $ent_check($haystack), -1, PREG_SPLI     T_DELIM_CAPTURE | PREG_SPLIT_NO_EMPTY);
 240                         if (strlen($needle) === 1)
 241                         {
 242                                 $result = array_search($needle, array_slice($haystack_arr, $offset));
 243                                 return is_int($result) ? $result + $offset : false;
 244                         }
 245                         else
 246                         {
 247                                 $needle_arr = preg_split('~(' . $ent_list . '|.)~' . ($utf8 ? 'u' : '') . '', $ent_check($needle), -1,      PREG_SPLIT_DELIM_CAPTURE | PREG_SPLIT_NO_EMPTY);
 248                                 $needle_size = count($needle_arr);
 249                                 $result = array_search($needle_arr[0], array_slice($haystack_arr, $offset));
 250                                 while ((int) $result === $result)
 251                                 {
 252                                         $offset += $result;
 253                                         if (array_slice($haystack_arr, $offset, $needle_size) === $needle_arr)
 254                                                 return $offset;
 255                                         $result = array_search($needle_arr[0], array_slice($haystack_arr, ++$offset));
 256                                 }
 257                                 return false;
 258                         }
 259                 },
 260                 'substr' => function($string, $start, $length = null) use ($utf8, &$ent_check, &$ent_list, $modSettings)
 261                 {
 262                         $ent_arr = preg_split('~(&#' . (empty($modSettings['disableEntityCheck']) ? '\d{1,7}' : '021') . ';|"|&amp     ;|<|>| |.)~' . ($utf8 ? 'u' : ''), $ent_check($string), -1, PREG_SPLIT_DELIM_CAPTURE | PREG_SPLIT_NO_EMPTY);
 263                         return $length === null ? implode('', array_slice($ent_arr, $start)) : implode('', array_slice($ent_arr, $start     , $length));
 264                 },

Can anyone help point me in the right direction to figure out what's going on here? I have multiple Drupal web sites running on this server without any issues. It's just this instance of SMF that's unhappy with something. The SMF installation is in a subdirectory of the root of one of my Drupal sites since I use the SMF forum as one of the services provided from this site.
Français (French) / Re: Traduction
« Last post by anthias on Yesterday at 04:37:23 PM »
SMF 2.0.x Support / Re: php 7.1 going away soon
« Last post by Arantor on Yesterday at 03:10:45 PM »
Given that hosts are still keeping 5.6 for the time being, I wouldn't immediately assume that it's quite that bad. I also know some distros (especially the likes of CentOS) backport security fixes from newer versions of PHP...

But there is a 2.0.16 being worked on where *some* of this is remedied. I wouldn't call it total compatibility, but it will be usable in most cases without masses of errors in the log.
SMF 2.0.x Support / Re: php 7.1 going away soon
« Last post by SpacePhoenix on Yesterday at 02:48:39 PM »
As an update,

Another site I'm admin on had the same problem with the host updating to PHP 7.3 and when I checked cPanel it's been changed to a new version which doesn't allow the changing of PHP versions to below 7.0.

So I did my suggestion for the .htaccess file in the post above and it did work, so for those who are having issues with PHP7+ they can probably revert to 5.6 if they need to go back.
There has got to be a point at which most hosts will remove all PHP versions older than 7.0 (which is already EOL). 7.2 will enter the "Security fixes only" stage by the end of the year
Graphics and Templates / Re: Thread replies "load more"
« Last post by Pipke on Yesterday at 01:09:23 PM »
there is this mod ACPS - Ajax Continuous Post Scrolling no button but on scrolling, maybe it's what your looking for
Modifications and Packages / Re: Anti Spam by CleanTalk (No CAPTCHA)
« Last post by SomeoneElse on Yesterday at 12:19:51 PM »
No, this is the package manager working normally and a complete misunderstanding of what it does. If you have two versions of a plugin in your plugins folder, this will show you which of the two is newer. It has nothing to do with whether you have the current version vs what’s on the mod site.

Ah, ok.

If it were me, I'd call it something other than 'current' version.
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