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Bug Reports / Re: MSN spiders cause massive numbers of errors
« Last post by woolly bugger on Yesterday at 12:51:12 PM »
I was getting ready to upgrade to the latest github release before I read your reply, so I put the forum in maintenance mode, emptied out unimportant logs and exported the database..

then I checked this forum and read your reply.

I did the upgrade of all files on 11/22

The Search Engine Tracking level is Standard

what is up with  smf_log_search_words ? see ATTACHED,

Türkçe Bölümü (Turkish) / Üye Şifresi
« Last post by mirror on Yesterday at 10:56:47 AM »
Arkadaşlar merhaba.

Oyun ve Forum arasında bir üyelik sistemi kurmaya çalışıyorumda fakat bir sorum var.
Smf şifreleri sha1 ile karıştırdığı için şifrenin saf halini alamıyorum.
Aklımda şöyle bir şey var. smf_members database'inde yeni bir stun oluşturdum ve buna normal_sifre adını verdim. Kullanıcılar üye olurken şifrenin saf halini bu stuna yazdırmak istiyorum fakat bunu nasıl yapacağımı bilmiyorum..

Oyun üzerinden daha sonra o stunu boşaltırım.
SMF 2.0.x Support / Re: php 7.4 compatibility for SMF 2.0.x?
« Last post by a10 on Yesterday at 10:23:03 AM »


Situation with 2.0 on what I'd call life support, and 2.1 not in the immediate horizon.
Whatever software, free or pay, for the end user it's a matter of trust in the future.
admin -> server settings disable hostname lookups check the box and save. that should fix this.

which is the same advice given in the other topic.

also if you are talking about us deleting your posts, we have not been.
You know what is weird cause there is no "feature" and no mods installed except PrettyURLs. Clean SMF install.
..and you know what, it happens ONLY with SMF.. yeah, that's weird :/ So there's no help in that even if I write on suppport. All my posts was deleted, but now I'm convinced about people from SMF.

Thank you for nothing.
Its a virgin board,no packages or themes.
I can probably do it manually but thought i would give maker of package a heads up that there is an error in it.

It was also updated recently that rare must be a particular or similar error, the user is still active to be sure to look at it when he has time! :)

SMF 2.0.x Support / Re: php 7.4 compatibility for SMF 2.0.x?
« Last post by spiros on Yesterday at 08:50:18 AM »
Well, SMF is run by volunteers, nobody can force anyone to do free work -:)
SMF 2.0.x Support / Re: php 7.4 compatibility for SMF 2.0.x?
« Last post by a10 on Yesterday at 08:45:50 AM »
The positive thing about php 7.2 is that security support is provided up to 30 Nov 2020.

Less than a year 'till end of support is not much positive imo, probably soon thereafter getting removed from hoster options. Would be really nice to not see yearly repeats of this year's smf-php situation :O)
Damn, spend the last 2+ hours going over this topic! GREAT JOB!  8)

Some of the looks of this theme is similar to how I've envisioned Crip Zone themes for 2.1. Been playing with a new dedi for the hosting and getting it situated but will definitely try this out shortly!

Funny how one thing turns into something completely different! The story of my life! LOL I multitask WAY too much, story of my life. But it keeps me busy and I tend to learn a lot more! Once you stop learning, you stop living! ;)
Modifications and Packages / Re: @mention members
« Last post by Xpresskonami on Yesterday at 05:54:51 AM »

The selection does not appear in this checkbox:

Enable mentions e-mail for current members

Whereas, the selection appears correctly in this checkbox:

Enable mentions e-mail by default

I Want to Enable mentions e-mail for current members. I select the box, and the box is not selecting... any solutions please
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