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Started by Fussilet, July 19, 2010, 02:28:07 PM

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Please leave a psd file to create a custom buttons like media or treasury.



how do I add another button to the sliding top menu?  i found the kwick stuff in the index.template.php  but cant see how to add a link with a pictures in the slider.

thanks!  I can make the button image easy enough.. i just need to know how to add the space for it in the slider I want to add a link to my main page


See you solved this issue.
I have the same problem.
How did you do it??


I downloaded a package called Menu Buttons.  you can add any link and any button with it.  works well. you will just have to create the image for the button and upload it to where it should be


congratulations.this is the theme i use for my forum,ski snowboard forum

is it ok to make some changes in the buttons over the theme?


How would I make it so when there is a new personal message the PM Logo on the slider menu changes  to a different icon.. that way it can have a nice clean notification!


Hi, I'm using this theme on my forum , but I would like to add a sidebar to show things like "must active members" "latest members" "latest posts" .
How can I do this, or just to add a sidebar?

thank you
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good luck with help.. i've been waiting a couple months for answers on my questions.. seems this guy isnt interested in support


Does it works with rc5? I really got into it, i can't change it now :(


Quote from: madzgo on February 12, 2011, 04:47:09 AM
Does it works with rc5? I really got into it, i can't change it now :(

what do you mean, did  you try to update SMF? which version do you use?
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