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Started by TreetopClimber, July 22, 2006, 11:46:16 AM

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Link to the theme

I have taken smf a step further with Braided Blu and created a side column
That holds the site logo, menu, a donations button thru paypal, latest news & search/advanced search.
Comes with all new blue buttons on menu and gold buttons on menu mouse over.
The rest of the forum buttons are gold as well with nice icons inlaid into them,
I put alot of time in this theme which has 5 windowbg's to create the right layered look
and the main background of blue braids. User info box and top of column have a nice blue and light grey
rope like braid across the top and the footer is wrapped with it as well, to incase it.

I have also made this theme as well as all my themes to fit TinyPortal v0.8.6
if someone chooses to use it. Enjoy it. TreetopClimber

Demo At » Braided Blu «


I uploaded this and it won't work.


What dosent work? have a screen shot of whats going on or wrong? maybe your link so we can see?


I got it to work. For some reason it wouldn't refresh the page for me. Works now.


I like this theme, well done.  Thank you.


oh hi there "treetopclimber"...

thanks your a genius...this is the best template ever i seen, and installed on my uncoming forum...been changing to almost all the smf templates and none please me as yours do, though...

however i am having a little problem: the profile area where the member can change his profile is just not showing the "browse" and so buttoms there.
i been trying to make those buttoms show on the screens by changing the wide of that table with no luck...any suggestions? please...?

i know the path for that file though, but maybe i am editing the "wrong table"?? can you show me where on that file can i find that and the correct wide of the page for it to show the buttoms...??

i hope this is not too much to ask...
looking foward for an answer...
the newbie team


Wich code i have to remove for the "donation button"


Open the index.template.php and just after the template_menu();
Find this code

<form action="" method="post">
<input type="hidden" name="cmd" value="_s-xclick">
<input type="image" src="' . $settings['images_url'] . '/makedonation.gif" alt="" border="0" />

This is what you need to remove.


I really do like this theme.  However, I'm considering using it with a forum that's bridged with mkportal, and the side bar kinda torques things out.  Was wondering if there was a quick n easy way of placing the menu in the classic top and center as opposed to the side?


Ok, love the theme to bits but it looks like karma points don't work with it. Not a big deal to me but others want the feature so if this could be sorted it'd be great.
On the SMF default themes the karma system works without glitches but on Braided Blu when trying to give karma points you only get this:
"Session verification failed. Please try logging out and back in again, and then try again."

ETA: It also seems to have the same problem with the "Mark as read" function. Should add that we are running 1.1.4

AM Woody3

I think I pretty much have everything set up the way I want it now.  The only thing I want to change now is I want to add a members button on the left side where home, help, search, admin, profile, calendar and Logout are.  Any help would be appreciated.


 This is really a neat theme. Just wish it would work with 1.1.6
Is there anyway I can modify this theme so that it would work with 1.1.6 ??


I like the look of this theme, but the admin screen is missing most of the buttons and options. The only one that shows is the button for forum options. I can't register people or anything. I can't even change the theme back to the original in order to troubleshoot. HELP!


Quote from: nuttyshtuff on August 18, 2012, 12:46:15 PM
I like the look of this theme, but the admin screen is missing most of the buttons and options. The only one that shows is the button for forum options. I can't register people or anything. I can't even change the theme back to the original in order to troubleshoot. HELP!
This theme isn't updated for the current versions of SMF yet.

Try adding ?theme=1 at the end of the url, and if that doesn't work try ;theme=1
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