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I have another troublesome user and need advice.

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I must sound like a sucky admin by now, but there is absolutely no white and black with this.

To cut it short, ill just post what i posted in my mod board.

--- Quote ---Fullymodded

Anyone notice half of his posts are to make money? He gives advice and then says something like "I can do this for $25 shipped look at my feedback here i also have this and this for sale".

This site is'nt here for him to hustle people and make money off the site. It's getting annoying.

Any suggestions what we should do?
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He's a regular member and gives good advice, but i cant stand how he is using the boards as an auction.

just some quick examples of what i mean. It's getting ridiculus, his "omg buy this from me" posts are everywhere. We have a classifieds section, and he links to his b/s/t threads in every post. "you should get this i have one for sale $45 shipped my feedback is here i live in blank blank oomgwtfbbq"

I recommend you send him a very friendly PM, that firstly thanks him for his contributions to the forum, and then kindly asks him to advertise his services a little less.  Suggest that he puts a comment in his signature about his services.  Just how I would deal with it, hope it helps.  What I would NOT do is start editing the comments out of his posts.


Go easy on 'em. Looking at all his posts, he has a large number of helpful or at least non-spammy posts too, and he's ultimately a valuable asset to your growing forum. He's probably just quite thrilled to be using your forum to get rid of his old paintball stuff because he doesn't do eBay or something.

Take it as a compliment that he is getting so into the classifieds section of your site.

Face it, it could be worse--he could be posting links to his auctions on eBay or his site.

Alas, if he is truly bugging your staff, and members, you could politely ask him to step it down a notch. Nothing severe has to be done.

Members will be members. ;)

I would feel that being nice to the person (member) is the most important, especially if he is a good contributor. If you have a place on your forum for buying and selling I`d tell him to post all his stuff in one post in that board. Or put a link to his site in his sig so ppl can look on there own if they want, this way they don`t have the presure of seeing that he is trying to sell things in ever post.

Do what they do on WHT and similar sites.

New rule:

Offers for x must only be made in board y

Requests must only be made in board z


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