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I have another troublesome user and need advice.

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well if this isnt a slap in the face..

If it was me, I would ban the user. But it is your forum and you are supposed to be a good admin :P.



--- Quote from: Joe10 on July 28, 2006, 05:50:02 PM ---then get rid of him

--- End quote ---

If there are many more like him, then lose him.


perhaps installing the Visual Warning Mod. other forum members will see he is being warned and this may hurt his little side business to the point that he'll start to follow the rules.

nothing gets your attention more than being "singled out".

a tiny off topic i just had a member spam about 13 topics all over the place for ages one of our mods lucky was online to clean the ****** out, i got online permed him and posted his ip and all of that on our banned list...

For your mate but tell him nicely to stop bein a idiot gotta be strict but nice or people will run all over you.


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