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Calendar help please..

Started by Tonya, July 29, 2006, 06:56:51 PM

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Sorry to bother you but my question is this...

How come when I go to add an event to the calendar it posts the even in one of my forums right away?? Even if the event is in the future.

What I want is to add events to the calendar and if we have to make a post about it .. somehow have it hidden where it is not visible from the forum index?

I hope I have explained myself... and hope for some help :)


So you want to be able to post a calander event but require the users to go to the calander to see the events, and it not show anywhere else but from the calander page?  ???


I would prefer to have the forum that the calendar event gets posted in not to be visible from the index page but for the events to be visible to the user when clicking on the calendar. Does that make sense?