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Music Database [3.1]

Started by Cccddd, April 21, 2005, 08:12:38 AM

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How did you go through that installation error for

3. Execute Modification ./Sources/ManagePermissions.php Test failed
4. Execute Modification ./Sources/ModSettings.php Test failed

Pls tell us. thanks


someone explain this to me... umm, it seems like this is just a place to have names of songs and the lyrics, you can't really listen to or download the song, at least the few sites I've been too are like that... they have this music database installed but you dont hear and music and I dont see a way to download it...


maybe he manual installed?  upload the zip to and it explains how to manual install.
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Surely there must be major code changes from RC2 to 1.1.3 in the source for this mod not to function properly?
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I have music files on other server so is it possible that i can add the link to that file so that when user clicks play then the file is played from that server ??? for example i host my site at , but not much space here. I have files at another server at . so can i add links at my forum ??? also while installing i got error in modsettings.php. (test failed) . should i go ahead with the installation?