Familiar with SMF? Like helping others?

Started by Jeff Lewis, April 14, 2004, 10:36:32 AM

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Jeff Lewis

The SMF team is looking to add more support team members! If you're interested in this, please let one of myself or David know. Let us know what your experience with YSE is as well as SMF - if you've installed SMF and anything else you feel would help us make a decision.
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Very generous offer guys, I would love being a support specialist.

I have installed SMF and matered the features and am doing theme testing on it, im basically just making new themes while previewing them to see how its best. I am also very active in these forums and am online a lot.

I can help SMF by helping to make future SMF themes, graphics and tha kind of stuff.

So it would be very cool. :)

Peter Duggan

Hey guys, how about we try to keep this thread tidy by following Jeff's instructions?

Quote from: Jeff Lewis on April 14, 2004, 10:36:32 AM
If you're interested in this, please let one of myself or David know.


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Please do not PM for support - anything else is usually OK.

Killer Possum

I will PM you Jeff :)

PS: Lamper I saw your sig and I have to ask, you know that ETA stands for Estimated Time of Arrival right? I would make it just ETA instead of Estimated ETA ;)


Sent in one myself.  ;)

Just another reason SMF will be sucessful is the great community it's already building. It's also nice to see a team that is willing to interact with its members as well. I'm sure there are many on the board who'd love to help out.



I'm familiar with SMF!

I'd be glad to help!

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I know SMF like the back of my hand.

Jeff you got a new PM.

Jeff Lewis

Relax, I still have to go through them. I don't live on here anymore like I used to. Besides, I'm ignoring users that didn't follow simple instructions ;)

Kidding but I am now closing off this because I have to go through all sorts of requests....will respond to some shortly.
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