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StatCounter by BurkeKnight Enterprises

Started by Burke ♞ Knight, December 16, 2008, 06:11:11 AM

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Have you inserted the statcounter code into the forum ???


Quote from: Kreator on February 04, 2010, 10:13:11 AM
Have you inserted the statcounter code into the forum ???

Yes.  Since SMF is contained in a folder called "Forum" inside the website for our organization I used the StatCounter code for the website.  The StatCounter counter shows at the bottom of every page of the forum - even the admin areas.

When logged into StatCounter each page load is shown whether it is for a page on the website or a page on the forum.  Still --------- StatCounter will show NO page loads for several (3-4-5) hours (on either the website OR the forum) but when you go directly to the forum the stats will often show 30-40-50 guests online.

(Thanks for responding)


You don`t need to post it everywhere, there is a section in admin to post the code, I`m using SMF 2.0 RC2  and its in Admin/Configuration / Modification Settings/ just insert the code once in there.  I have had no problems whatsoever with it


I didn't post it/insert it everywhere.  I put it in the box that the mod creates in the admin area.  That is the only place I put it.  The counter shows on every forum page and I assume that that is one function of the mod.


I have a problem -

I've had a statcounter account for ages on my main website and I thought I'd open a seperate account in order to monitor my SMF forum.

My SMF version is 1.1.12 and using Blackbox theme.

On going to Configuration>> Features and Options>> Enter Statcounter html code, when I hit 'Save', my browser just hangs and will not reload.

Using IE7


Right, I got around the IE7 thing by dumping it and using Opera.

But theres a problem and I think its at Statcounter's end, but they arent replying - when you try to create your 'default installation code' on the account wizard, you cant get it. Check in the code itself and you'll find you created it for tumblr, websitetonight, drupal, or any of a whole manner of things, but no default installation code at all.



I very much doubt it.

The mod hasn't been updated for a long time and the er post before yours was January this year.


Theatre Publicity

I just installed this mod, will see what happens.
Visit to publicize your show or event. Purchase may be required.

Burke ♞ Knight

Mod has been tested and re-done with 2.0.x in mind.
It is same version since no real changes had to be made, but name change for the BK Modding Team.


If need support for this mod, please go to BurkeKnight Enterprises and register there.

We have a support ticket system for mod support.

We will no longer be supporting this mod here at the SMF site,
as we feel it is easier to keep all support at our site.


Just wanted to add, that I got this to work AFTER I choose the default installation with Standard XHTML  Worked for me after trying every other installation, so I thought I'd share