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Started by Grudge, August 12, 2006, 06:09:49 AM

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I am using the default theme(for now)...well, its now the default theme after installing enigma 2. but I checked the files in it and everythng copied into where it should have.
I will be changing to a different theme once I figure out how to do it and not lose all the modifications that the portal and packages have already made...but those problems if they arise will be in a different thread :P lol

Jim R

The Default theme isn't the one you have set as default.  It's the one in the Default folder on your server space, and likely your hard drive.

It sounds like to me you're missing the language changes, and as it installs it will show up as installing correctly but it's possibly going into a folder you're not really using.


Quote from: Jim R on November 29, 2006, 10:40:33 PM
Quote from: Jump1979man on November 29, 2006, 10:38:04 PM
it doesnt matter regardless...this mod doesnt work....PERIOD.

Not true.  Version .9 works well for me, outside of additional emails which come to my admin account.  I've had a penny account running for a month. 

very true as I dont see a link to get v9 but only v14 so until there is a working version available for people to get now instead of what you got way back when....

it doesnt work.


This theme's URL: .../Themes/default
This theme's directory: .../Themes/default

That is the theme that its using...I checked the lang files to see if they where modified and they were.

Jim R


The link to v.9 is within this very topic.  Start at the first page and work your through the first couple of pages.  I want to say it was on page four, but it's there.  I found it that way on my own.


Not sure what to say other than to say the issues you're having aren't the same ones most of us are having.  You're using SMF 1.09.  It doesn't look like this Mod's current version works with that version of SMF.  If it installed cleanly, I can't imagine what it would be other than the language files.

Are you sure the theme you're using, the Enigma theme, is originating from the Default folder on your server space???? 


Pretty sure...thats what the URL says its going anyway. Is there different way to check it to make sure?

Jim R

My default theme is the SafMC theme, but it's not THE Default theme--the one that sits within the 'default' folder in Themes.  Best I can tell you is backup all your Theme and Sources files on your hard drive.

From there:
Go to the files on your server space where the Enigma theme is.  I would download all the files from that folder to your hard drive.

Once that is done, check the Themes/enigma (or whatever it is called)/languages/modification.english.php file.  Look for the following:

// Paid Subscriptions Mod
$txt['paid_subscriptions'] = 'Paid Subscriptions';
$txt['subscriptions'] = 'Subscriptions';
$txt['subscription'] = 'Subscription';
$txt['paid_subs_desc'] = 'Below is a list of all the subscriptions which are available on this forum.';
$txt['paid_subs_none'] = 'There are currently no paid subscriptions available!';

$txt['paid_current'] = 'Existing Subscriptions';

You should also have a file in that same folder called ManagePaid.english.php.

Here is a question for you:
On your server space, what folders/directories are in your Themes folder?  I have default, safmc101, and classic.


Right now I'm using THE default theme. The one that goes to the default theme folder.

the themes in my  themes folder are classic, classic_e1, default and SMF_default.

I know that I'm using THE default theme because when I try using any of the other three, I get this at the bottom of my page:
Sorry, the copyright must be in the template.
Please notify this forum's administrator that this site is using an ILLEGAL copy of LSP!

even though I haven't taken any copyrights out of anything. And the only one that doesn't do that is the theme in the default folder.

edit: I checked those files in the default languages folder and yes, they are there. And the modification.english.php file has been modified with the subscriptions modifications.

Jim R

That's all I have then.   :(

I think it may have something to do with the version of SMF you're using, 1.09 if I'm not mistaken. 


yes, its 1.0.9... well, thanks for trying anyway :)

Jim R

You might check the same pages I recommended for v.9 of this Mod.  It MIGHT work with an earlier version.  I pretty much didn't start modding until I upgraded 1.1 rc2. 


Here is what you all been waiting for.  After debugging some things with Grudge he was able to track down all the known problems with this mod.  Just uninstall old version and install this one.  The attachment on the mod site has been updated.
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If this works I will kiss you , LMAO... and no im not gay just that damn happy lol...

But as far as you know are there still any "bugs" that you havent gotten to yet but are minor and shouldnt affect much...
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Guessing that it's been tested on the SMF Community Forum? Just upgrading to 1.1 atm and will then install. Fingers crossed my date bug has gone.


Well Grudge fixed them but I helped him debug it :P.  Nope all bugs that were known are gotten.  I'm not too sure about the emails though.  Forgot to test that out.

madfiddler I tested it on my website that is running 1.1 Final and it works like a charm.
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Thanks - I just got an error trying to re-install it. Think its a general package error I got sometimes with rc3 which remains in 1.1.

Yep, to install it I had to manually create a "temp" directory in the Packages folder.

OK, installed... Will wait to see :)


What was the error that you got?
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"HELP!!! I've fallen and I can't get up"
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Jim R

Working well over here.  Very nice job and just in time.   :)


Have to say a special thanks to Jay here - he did a fantastic job of tracking the bugs and helping me test out the fixes as they came about! I think the things fixed are:
1) Undefined text index on one of the edit pages.
2) Invalid text formatting on the subscription ediiting for (£%1.2f etc)
3) Inability to users to renew subscription
4) Pending users were accidently described as "Finished"
5) PayPal did not work at all after v0.9 of the mod thanks to a silly typo.
6) Fixed "Flexible" subscriptions not working at all either(!)
7) A few formatting changes.
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Mod does indeed work now but, there is still one bug in it that I found.......

You are still not able to delete a member from the subscribed group.....any fix for this?