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Started by Grudge, August 12, 2006, 06:09:49 AM

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Quote from: baijianpeng on October 21, 2008, 12:10:04 PM
Did the author abandoned this Mod? Why not support SMF 1.1.6 and 2.0 ?

This is a great Mod, please don't give up.


mmmmmmm, SMF 2 has this built in so it will not need support for SMF 2,

Also i am using SMF 1.1.6 i have not tried it but if you go to the mod link page where you download, select version 1.1.6 and it tells you how to manually add to SMF 1.6.6



Quote from: Rafferty on September 29, 2008, 07:27:19 PM

One thing doesnt work for me, subs currency: Others. Defaults to US Dollars every time.

Same here - is there a fix?

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Eddy Matthews

I installed the mod in SMF v1.1.6 and it went perfectly, but I now have a problem....

When I click on "Profile", all I get is an http500 error - Does anyone have a solution for this?



we'll be here forever waiting for any help
Don't Follow me I got No Idea what I'm Doing


Hi all,

the script is working fine.
But now I have 2 pages which are running with this mod.
The problem is now that I have only 1 URL for the first page at Paypal for the IPN return :-X
For the second page I have no possibility to create a second URL at Paypal.
Because the second page has got another URL I can not use the first IPN return URL.

Anyone has got an idea :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Thanks !


If someone has got 2 forums and want to work with the same mod you must do this :D
For the second forum



<form action="https://www.', !empty($modSettings['paidsubs_test']) ? 'sandbox.' : '', '" method="post">

Add after:

<input type="hidden" name="notify_url" value="http://yourpage/subs/ipn.php" />

I am using 1.1.7 and it works well


Quote from: qtime on June 08, 2008, 03:24:55 PM
after converting the tables in smf 1.1.5 to utf-8 the subscription mod will show:

You have not setup your currency yet. Please do so from the settings menu before continuing

this is only for the euro sign and pound. Not for the $.

I know this has to do something with utf-8, is there a solution?

I found a solution to this.

I use utf-8 and thus changed the € symbol to utf-8 equivalente, namely &euro;.
You have to create a ManagePaid."language-you-use"-utf8.php from ManagePaid.english.php if you have another language than englidh and then replace the € to the utf-8 form in $txt['eur_symbol'] and $txt['eur'] instances... after that it will work perfectly.


I had this running on 1.1.5 however I've upgraded to 1.1.7 and it doesn't appear to be working anymore :(

Any new subcription gets added to the pending list, and the end date is incorrect.. but for any subscriber renewing, they are not given a new years subscription but paypal is taking the momey :(

Is anyone using this with 1.1.7?




I get this error when I try to activate.

An Error Has Occurred!
Session verification failed. Please try logging out and back in again, and then try again.



Did you make a subscription first !?

Eddy Matthews

I still have the same problem....  Can anyone help?

When I click on "Profile", all I get is an http500 error - Does anyone have a solution for this?



Is anyone getting the 1970 bug with 1.1.7?

memberx  Pending Payment  December 11, 2008, 09:44:04 PM  January 01, 1970, 12:00:00 AM



Will this work with SMF 1.1.5..


1.1.5 yes, but I'm having issues with 1.1.7 and no-one's confirmed it will work with that :(


is it possibile to use this modification with Verotel Merchant?



Which version do I install fo 1.1.5?
The latest one.. I suppose//


I need to use this Mod for an forum with adult content.
which available merchant works for adult material?


Quote from: Snappo on December 09, 2008, 09:52:44 AM
I get this error when I try to activate.

An Error Has Occurred!
Session verification failed. Please try logging out and back in again, and then try again.

I get the same error - on each of my 3 testforums, I already set all files to "chmod 777" and created a temp folder in the packages folder, but it still asks me first for my ftp account data and after I gave the correct data the mentioned error report appears again.

But for other mods this error doesn't occur.

Does anybody else have this problem?


I need help with this install. I have 1.1.7 Can someone help me with this

I know 2.0 has it but 2.0 has too many bugs now and I installed 2.0 on a different site that I have and What a big mistake.


Quote from: kizer on August 19, 2008, 12:18:44 PM
Ok, I have 5 paid subscriptions and I notice it literally sends out no emails when a member subscribes or when their subscription runs out. Not a big deal I suppose, but there is an option for it which is why I mention it.

I found out the same thing... the system doesn't send notification emails when a member subscribes, even if you write a template email in the given field (when setting up a subscription). Does anybody know why?


Hey, i have a problem with my newly setup 2.0 beta 4, no matter what i do i get:
QuoteAn Error Has Occurred!
Sorry but the admin has not yet finished setting up paid subscriptions - please check back later.

Any ideas on what should i do? (no paypal set, using custom currency)