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SMF 1.1 Release Candidate 3 is available!

Started by Thantos, August 19, 2006, 04:12:52 PM

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I thought from reading these forums that RC3 was pretty solid.  So, night before last I attempted to upgrade from YABBSE 1.5.5.  The upgrade took a lot time, but went OK.  After the upgrade I experienced all kinds of login problems.  It looked somewhat like a cookie problem, but both of my XP/IE6 computers had it and the privacy settings, etc. were correct, and I deleted all cookies.  The problems were more pronounced when I went into admin.  It kept saying I did not have rights to do this or that and lept popping-up a login screens.  Often, I would get a blank screen with dots partially across the top.  Hitting the back arrow would show me logged-in as guest.  Clicking home would then show me logged in my user account.  Themes were a problem.  No matter what I did, the default SMF theme would be presented to guests.  So, finally, after struggling for most of the night (more than eight hours), I restored the database, reverted back to YABBSE, drank a beer, and went to bed.  Larry


If you were able to provide better descriptions of your errors we would be able to help.
Were you still trying to use a YaBB SE theme in SMF?
"Never imagine yourself not to be otherwise than what it might appear to others that what you were or might have been was not otherwise than what you had been would have appeared to them to be otherwise."


It initially came up with the default theme.  I went to admin and with some login problems, was able to choose the converted theme.  It worked, but guests still got the default theme.  Thank you, but please don't spend anymore time on me.  I will not be trying RC3 again.  I may try 1.0.9.  One can always tell pioneers by the arrows in their backs.  My back hurts  :D.  Larry


yes, i will upgrade into this version nearly future, thanks SMF developer's team


i have used 1.1r3 for 2 sites so far; and it is awesome


So I used the 1.1RC3 upgrade option to my 1.0.9 install.  After plenty of server chunking, I am presented with a message:
"Sorry, the copyright must be in the template. Please notify this forum's administrator that this site is using an ILLEGAL copy of SMF!"

Any thoughts?


Your theme is probably incompatable.

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Quote from: AwwLilMaggie on November 18, 2006, 08:36:15 PM
Your theme is probably incompatable.


Next time I should click a few more times before posting.  My smf_themes table was still pointing to an old directory's theme (from 1.0.9). 

Couple phpMyAdmin clicks and the board is up.   8)


So a less obvious issue that has cropped up is the loss of avatars and attachments.  The files are still in the directories, but some users in the smf_members had their "avatar" field erased, while some kept it.

The smf_attachments table still looks intact, and in admin mode I can view all attachments and avatars and the forum will gladly display the list.  If I attempt to VIEW any of them by clicking on the attachment file name, it gives me a "404 - Attachment Not Found" in raw text output (not formatted as HTML).

Signatures (and pictures part of sigs) still stuck around.

Any ideas of what to try? Other than this, RC3 is quite nice.

Thanks in advance,

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Check that your attachment directory is set properly in SMF.
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SMF 1.1 Release Candidate 3 install

This files can not download from

can anybody help me


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Ive finally gotten all the mods updated for how long till RC4, so I can start the mods over again?  :D

heheh :) 

SMF is the best :)


The next versions will be 1.1 final, and it might not be too far in the future :)
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Great work Hendrik, I prefer SMF over all the other major forums Ive tried.  Thanks for all the hard work.


SMF 1.1
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i hear its already been released to charter members?

If this is true then it could come soon :D

Cant wait :D :D


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