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Bridge 1.1.6
« on: August 21, 2006, 10:24:12 PM »
Please download it from the new bridge downloads page:

First of all, thank you to everyone who reported the bugs in 1.1.5.  Your reports have made this a better bridge. Also, thank you to those who offered suggestions for feature requests.  I've tried to get in whatever I could.

This bridge is compatible only with SMF 1.1.  I strongly suggest you upgrade if you plan to bridge your forum with Mambo or Joomla.

For new installs:

Unzip the package, and find inside two files:  readme.html and  Read the readme.html, and install the as a component.  (Don't forget to configure the component after installing!)

For Joomla, you will not need to add code to your template, but for Mambo, you will.

For upgrades from 1.1.5:

Uninstall the bridge component, the bridge registration component, the SMF_Header_include mambot and the mod_smf_login module.

Read the readme.html.  Install the as a component.  Please note for Mambo the code in the template.  The code is no longer required for Joomla.

Group Synch option

The Group Synch will not allow the changing of the group for the very first user, which is the default Super Admin.  This should help avoid the issue some people faced when they failed to set their Groups to synch properly.

This bridge is released under the terms of the Simple Machines license.  Please do not redistribute.

(Check your forum "Who's Online" for a pleasant surprise ;) )
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