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SMF is Crashing MySql database

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On my own machine, I host several websites
I run Windows XP
plenty of power and processor speed

I currently run 4 other YabbSE databases. (have for years)
brought on 2 new sites and thought I would install SMF

but both sites bring MySQL to its knees. and ultimately my computer

What would you need to assist with this problem?


What version are you running, and what whos in your MySQL processlist?



SMF version beta 5                     just did it 05/06/2004 (yesterday)
XP home edition
PHP 4.3.4               (for your viewing pleasure)
MySQL 5.0                  Windows install zip

and I am unclear as to your next question
what whos in my processlist?

please explain

Thank you for your time

Portland, Oregon

MySQL 5 will probably cause all sorts of problems.

I fully expect SMF to crash on MySQL 5.  It has by no means been tested with it, and MySQL 5 is still in a very unstable phase.



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