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coppermine problem!

Started by SeanK, August 26, 2006, 07:32:13 PM

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Okay i know this is not the forum for it, but i find this community more helpful then most. So maybe the mods will not delete this post! Again sorry for posting this here but i have gotten no help on the coppermine website and most of the people around here are very helpful.

I am looking to make it so that when the user goes to the Gallery they will see 5 albums and can upload to any album if they are registered. I removed the Catagories and just have the albums listed with Random files setup. Now that i got rid of the catagoies my test users can't upload?

Also i would like to add a random image on my index.php page, is there some code or files i can use that will import a random image to this page?


Those are all Coppermine specific questions, so you really need to ask them at the Coppermine site.  Please be patient and wait for a response.

If you want a random image, you need to use CPMFetch.  The author uses a sub-board on the Coppermine forums.  If you want users to upload to albums, you need to set the correct permissions for those albums.  Album permissions are explained in the Coppermine documentation.
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