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Possible Bug: broken image appearing..

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Hi there.  Here's my problem:  starting just yesterday, when I expand or minimize my pm info at the very top, all the menu buttons move over and a broken image appears.  (see picture)  When I reload, the problem's gone...until I expand it again.  Suggestions?


someshta: [nonactive]

Okay, now I can make it happen every time.  When you go to the board from offsite, and click on that collapse button before you do anything else, the broken image appears.  If you go into search, or another board page, then back to the index, the broken image never appears.....weird.

I cant see that. Try right click that broken image and look proterties. What it say?

edit: aaah you have chat mod installed. Do you see chat button?

Yes, the chat button's there.  When I look at the properties, where the name of the pic should be it says "index.php?action=jsoption;var=collapse_header;val=1;sesc=165f5583716f43ee8c207cdd15ca9c4a;1084458062049"

then "Protocol: Hypertext Transfer Protocol"

then "Type:  Not available"

then "Address:;var=collapse_header;val=1;sesc=165f5583716f43ee8c207cdd15ca9c4a;1084458062049 [nonactive]"

then "Size:  Not available"

then "Dimensions:  28x30 pixels"

What's up?


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