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Add Favicon (favories/bookmark icon)

Started by hadesflames, March 09, 2007, 05:03:51 PM

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QuoteBecause today i upgraded to RC4 and after that i didn't have  the options to add favicon ,and version not support RC4 !
Do you have info about this is work on RC4 ?

RC4 comes with its OWN favicon.ico file and support which you should just replace. In other words this mod is no longer needed to be updated.


Can you point me to the documentation or details on how RC4 implements favicon support?

I updated my forum from RC3 to RC4 using the large upgrade files, and I don't see any evidence of favicon support.

I previously (in RC3 and others) used this mod to get my favicon working (I can't place the favicon.ico in the wwwroot of my web sever, it must be in the same folder where SMF is installed.

Am I missing something?? Any help would be appreciated.


I just Add this package and made the changes, but i dont find any favicon support in the admin panel to change the image.

I use 2.0 rc5.



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Quote from: MordyT on March 29, 2011, 01:31:36 PM
Its under current theme settings.
Seems to be that this option is gone in SMF 2.0.1 :( Are there any other solutions to implement a favicon? If I put <link rel="shortcut icon" href="favicon.ico" type="image/x-icon" /> in the theme's index.template.php or index.php the favicon is visible but the fontsize increased.


There's a edited version by me. Use by your count and risk.



Yeah baby, got this working :D. Did the manual edits to my theme (CleanTek) as per the instructions of the author and used the last attachment in this thread ;).

Although, I have to add that it doesn't seem to like .ico files with 8 bit color depth ???. Maybe it's a server issue, who knows. Didn't try with any other color depth, so I just loaded a .png image and it worked :D... except for IE ::).
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