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BBC Permissions Mod

Started by winrules, September 01, 2006, 12:08:38 PM

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Does anyone know off the top of their head if this kind of feature is built into 2.0?


I have tried installing it on 2.0 beta 4, and it did not work with simple click install.

However, I have managed to conclude that the only major issue is a db inquiry issue.  There is some trouble with installing the correct tables, querying the correct tables, or some combination of creating and query-ing the correct tables.

I believe the issue is that the coding is refering to a table's old alias, and due to the upgrade, the table has been renamed, but I have yet to figure out which table is labeled incorrect.

And if you can't tell, I am really excited about this mod.  It is such a GREAT tool!  Awesome Job to  WinRules!


This is the error I receive:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function db_query() in /home/content/d/i/g/diggitydog1/html/Forum/Packages/temp/install.php on line 3

And the only differences I could see (keep in mind I am a noob coder), is in SMF 1.x the table was 'ID_GROUP', and in SMF 2.x it is 'id_group'.  Also, there is a reference to 'boardid' in 1.x, but in 2.x it seems to be 'pid'.

I am going to try a different php database installer to see if that will make any difference.


After many attempts at modding this, I realize the database queries must be re-written in smf 2.0 language, and I am not smart enough to figure it out.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Oh, drag.

This kind of thing would be ideal to have built into the admin section of SMF...

*hint, hint to the Smarter Peeps, lol*



I have installed your mod on a 1.1.10 installation.  I seem to have the same problem as the gentleman on the first page of this thread.     

For some reason I cannot pick codes though, it just says "Allow all tags" with a tick box, if I untick it nothing happens and I cannot pick which BBC code to use.

Consequently, it doesn't show individual checkboxes for each BBC tag (like the screenshot on the mod site page)?

If I go to the admin and post and topics then bbc code it does show the individual bbc codes listed and with many of them ticked.  I have tried it with the url tag and make links an url ticked and with both unticked I still seem to get the same result.  It doesn't work, properly.

Please advise.


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Trying to get this mod to work on 1.1.11 anyone have some tips? You cant access the mod at all under the admin area. I thought as much might happen but as of now its my only option. :)


Great Work
Please Guide Me
I Want This MOD For 2.0 RC1
Tell Me Manual Instructions For 2.0 RC1
Please Please Please


Quote from: Dr.IT on August 20, 2010, 08:47:50 AM
Great Work
Please Guide Me
I Want This MOD For 2.0 RC1
Tell Me Manual Instructions For 2.0 RC1
Please Please Please
Please AnyBody There For Help?


The biggest issue without looking too deep is the queries need re-writing as mentioned by a previous poster.


any update/similar with this mod?


Yagiz has ported it to RC3, but he's waiting to hear back from the Custom Team before formally presenting the update.   :)
My apologies, but I am taking a break from accepting PM requests for support.  If I am not currently assisting you, please do not ask as long as this notice is posted.  Thank you.

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A reminder about admin / ftp passwords etc.


cannot get this mod work with smf 1.1.11. installation went ok, but i cannot use bbc
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This mod interferes with the [HTML] BBC Tag mod  :(     Anybody know how to fix that? - Get Your Music Heard!

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Any chances this mod will get updated? I currently cannot use it on my forums, it takes away everyone's right to use bbc, even if I give them permission to use all bbcode.


This could be a very useful tool for many of us. I had it working, somewhat on an older version of SMF. Having the bbc code for url assignable to specific membergroups would be valuable. I have a constant problem with members posting links to everything under the sun. If I had an inbound link for every out bound one that gets attempted I'd be golden.


Quote from: gbsothere on October 29, 2010, 02:04:40 PM
Yagiz has ported it to RC3, but he's waiting to hear back from the Custom Team before formally presenting the update.   :)
Any update on a 2.0 release?


Would anyone be willing to convert this to SMF 2.0? I (and a lot of other people I bet) could really use this. (Honestly, this should be a standard feature on SMF...)