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Started by Gary, November 01, 2006, 12:34:08 PM

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1.1 RC3 was released to the public in August and the feedback has been great. The Development team would like to thank all users who have submitted feedback and bug reports, your participation in this release candidate helps us to release a much more stable final product. With 1.1 Final, it shows a significant step forward in SMF history, and provides a stepping stone to the next chapter in the book. We know its taken a long time, but we're on the final stretch and proud to be soon providing you with a complete package.

A few tiny issues with SMF have been found in the 1.0 line, this brings forward the version 1.0.9, we urge all users of the 1.0 line to update as quick as possible. It shouldn't effect any mods if you use the package manager or manually update the code. As usual we do offer the update and upgrade packages, also a patch has been released for 1.1 RC3, which you can install through your package manager.

It has also come to light that some users badger team members to try and get their mods approved. Please bear in mind, that if you do ask a team member to look at your mod and/or post on the forums, there is a high chance that the time it takes to approve your mod will be longer. So it is best to submit the mod and wait for its approval. To make sure that it gets approved faster, be sure to read our mod submission guidelines.

The community is filled with talent and it's appreciated, and from this talent, six members have joined the team, Motoko-chan, AwwLilMaggie, winrules, Tony, IchBin™ and Rickc. If you would like to see more information about how we select new team members then please read about our recruitment process.

In the spirit of marketing and community spirit, we bring you the SMF Userbar, Signature, Buttons and other assorted affiliate graphics, hopefully you'll be able to get creative with them. :)

Organisational changes are quite common in the SMF team, and we really have went further than ever before this month, starting with the new look Team page. The modification and design teams have been merged into a newly formed customisation team which also brought about the promotion of JayBachatero to co-leader of this team. Bloc has changed position to become a developer of SMF, dschwab9 has joined the ranks of Project Manager, Oldiesmann and Thantos both became assistant project managers along with their current duties.

To open our code up further and help with mod developments, bridges and generally anything that wishes to use SMF, we released our Function Database, a complete listing of all past and present versions of SMF and the functions within each file of a specific release. Each function is documented with a description of what it does, the syntax needed to use it, any data types and the output values to be expected, we also list where each function is used and any other notes for usage. Kudos go to Oldiesmann who took a great deal of time to fill it out.

Recently, we got word of some great exposure for SMF in a PC Magazine, in appreciation for this, we send our thanks to yynwebhsu from for the publicity!

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Added links to our past newsletters. :)


I like the look of the team page a lot, didn't realise you had that many either ;D
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I know you never ask developers how long until a final release... But, are we looking at an x-mas present type thing or something a bit further off.
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Speaking as someone who knows nothing, I'd be surprised if it were after Christmas, but like I said, I know nothing.
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Quote from: Ben_S on November 15, 2006, 05:49:39 AM
Speaking as someone who knows nothing, I'd be surprised if it were after Christmas, but like I said, I know nothing.

He knows nothing, and he can prove it ;)