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Extensive member search

Started by picture, September 09, 2006, 03:45:33 AM

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I found one really old post regarding the same thing. It would be pretty awesome to have a more powerful search feature where instead of scanning posts for keywords, members could custom search the memberlist with certain parameters that could also take into account any custom profile fields that have been added.

For example, a member could search the SMF board for other users by choosing the following parameters:

*custom profile field from earlier mod*

Hopefully the search could handle more than one parameter at a time.

This could save members and admins a lot of time and energy. Wondering if anyone has looked into it.  :-\



I would ask the custom profile fields mod author since it would be the best for them to work on it since they made the custom profile mod.
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winrules, who created the custom profile mod, has told me that a more extensive search function will be built into the next version of his 'custom profile fields' mod. Hopefully it will also encompass the fields that SMF already has built into the standard profile layout! 


allright its been confirmed:

"In the next version of the mod you will be able to search the fields...the easiest way of doing it (and the way I'll do it) is to just add the custom fields into the default SMF search." - winrules

So you will be able to search ALL default and custom profile fields in SMF with the next version of the mod.

If you happen upon this thread in the future, check the mod page to see if it has been released yet:

See ya.


That sounds great. Thanks for the question and heads up.  ;D ;)
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