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Saving Profile - time out

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Curbow 5:
For some reason, when editing profiles my SMF just 'hangs', times out. i suspect it to be a session issue, but I can't put my finger on it... I'll set up a test / test account, if someone wants to check it out.

My SMF and config

I'm not getting that problem from this end on your board, so it might be an issue with your browser or computer. Everything was nice and fast for me...

Curbow 5:
i just saw you testing and saw you had no problem changing avatars + adding a sig, etc. i tried editing the test account myself and had no problem!

then i tried editing my own profile (changing my website name and adress) and it timed out again... :(

Curbow 5:
to be more exact: i'm only having this problem when editing under 'Forum Profile Information' some of my members experience the same error...

edit: i think i've narrowed it down to the 'I have my own pic' option -> when using this it times out! it does this in the test account as well...

It's more likely the "Upload my own picture" option - not sure though. If you try to upload a huge image to use as your avatar, it probably would timeout (after 30 seconds anyway)...


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