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Unable to load the 'Themes' template


I upgraded from YABB SE, and choose to convert my template over.

I went to try switching it to the default look in the admin section by clicking the Themes and Layout settings and get this error:

Unable to load the 'Themes' template

and if I click the Current Themes Settings I get this error:

Unable to load the 'Settings' template.

What options do I have here?  I have no problem having the default theme (how?), as my current one is not performing like I want (post in 'scripting help' about that problem)

Make sure all the default templates got transferred to the server - in this case it looks like you're missing Themes/default/Settings.template.php and Themes/default/Themes.template.php.

Was this issue ever resolved?

The problem is most likely your FTP client... some seem to drop files sometimes, it seems.



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